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Perth Industrial Painters: How To Choose A Contractor

    Painting comes in many varieties, and the approaches to painting a facility vary from one project to another. But how do you choose a Perth industrial painter company?

    For Perth industrial painters, we at Australian Construction are your premier choice. But why? Today, we will show you the qualities you should look for from a good painting contractor, especially so if you have a large-scale project.

    What is industrial painting? 

    Industrial painting is a specialisation for “industries.” While it may have some similarities with painting a home, there are some details that vary. For one, painting the floor of a big facility is not the same as painting the floor of a house. The same thing goes with interior and exterior walls.

    Industrial painting requires a lot of work. For one, more preparation is taken into consideration. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Wall and floor washing
    • Rigging
    • Wall and floor sanding and shot blasting
    • Maintenance and putty application
    • Surface prepping
    • Application of primer and final coat

    The final result is a paint finish that will last for a long time. Be it a factory, a basketball court, or a restaurant, we at Australian Construction can do the service for you.

    As specialists of industrial painting, we use speciality paints and coatings that are specifically designed for industrial use. Examples of these are a hospital, food manufacturing industries, and many more.  

    Who are we? 

    We are Australian Construction, and we specialise not just in painting but also in other contractor works, such as excavation, earthworks, electrical engineering, landscaping, floor preparation, and many more.

    Our team have been in business for over 20 years, and we are a team of engineers with various degrees. The cumulative experience of our team members is more than 100 years.

    Our primary goal is to provide you with a paint job in your facility that will last for a long time. And when we say long, we are talking about at least ten years.

    The company is a thriving organisation, and we owe our success to our employees and leaders. We are a premier name in the construction industry, and we are not only Perth industrial painters. Also servicing many other cities in Australia, such as Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, Melbourne, Gold Coast, and Newcastle.

    So, why choose us?

    You should choose us for the same reasons that we will explain in the next section.

    How to choose an industrial painting contractor

    There are four main things you need to check before you choose a contractor. We will discuss this in detail below.

    1. License, Training, and Certification

    As a company, we are operating legitimately. We are licensed and duly recognised by the government. On top of that, all our painters are certified.

    Apart from being certified, our entire organisation has leaders with various specialisations. For example, we have engineers who understand safety, especially so if we are working on tall buildings. Our painters and engineers also know the various types of paint, and how they should be applied.

    2. Dedicated team of support

    Unlike others, we are not sub-contractors. Sub-contractors are those that take your money, and then outsource the job to someone else. While there is liability between these organisations, it is likely that the kind of job they produce has high variation.

    We at Australian Construction have our own employees with various specialisations. When we work on your project, our team is dedicated to your project only. While it is true that we may have several projects going on at the same time, we guarantee that we have a dedicated team for you only.

    3. Experience of the group 

    The painters we have been in this business for decades. They know what they are doing, and we can tell you that our experience has opened many opportunities for us to learn. We can anticipate problems ahead of time by applying our expertise and knowledge.

    There are many things involved in industrial paint jobs in Perth. Some of these involve washing, shot blasting, putty application, sanding, and more. Our group has experts who can do each task with efficiency and effectiveness.

    4. Quality of work

    At Australian Construction, we do not shy away from guarantees. All the services we offer have warranties. The team cannot say how long in this article because each warranty depends on the material of your choice and or industry we’re working in..

    We believe in the quality of our work. Aus Construction have serviced hundreds of clients, and we can say without a doubt that we made them happy. More importantly, we gave them value for their money.

    We have a reputation that cannot be outmatched. You can ask around if you want, and you will find that we do have a highly positive reputation.

    So, how do we do this? We built our reputation over the years. The road to getting there was not easy. What we do is to fully understand what the client needs, and then we fulfil that need to the best of our abilities.  

    We at Australian Construction meet all of these requirements. Should you decide to shop around and look for another contractor, make sure you take a look at the five parameters we showed you. If one is not met, you must strictly consider looking for another company.

    Summary: Perth Industrial Painters

    At Australian Construction we want nothing more than to satisfy your business needs. We do take our projects seriously, and the entire activity is guided by our project managers. Our team guarantees the quality of our work, and our employees will work as a dedicated unit in your facility.

    Our industrial painters have cutting-edge technology; the employees are adequately trained, and we ensure that the job site is secure from any kind of hazards.

    Give us a call now and let us discuss your project. One of us will go and visit your site so we can carefully assess the scope of the project. From there, we can calculate a free quote, and then proceed to plan. From here the customer will understand all time-lines and procedures involved.