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Sydney Industrial Painters: The Services We Offer

    Industrial painting has a wide scope. It covers the preparation and finishing of various complexes. For Sydney industrial painters, some good examples of these large-scale projects are bridges, factories, warehouses, shopping malls, and so much more. 

    We at Australian Construction do all of these things. However, it is best that we tell you the span of services that we offer. And that is what we will discuss today. By the end of this article, you will know what you can expect from us when it comes to Sydney industrial painters or contractor jobs. 


    Some contractors call this process abrasive blasting. These terms are one and the same so do not be confused. Sandblasting is a process where we put the material in contact with sand at high pressure. This is an abrasive process that we use to remove old coatings from your structure.

    Before you can sandblast at an industrial level, you need to be licensed. The good news is that we at Australian Construction are licensed to operate not just in Sydney but in other areas, too.

    Once we are done with sandblasting, we can proceed to the application of the finish. Sandblasting is great for both concrete and metal structures. We can do it in a confined space, and we also have special tools that allow us to do it in the field.

    In our method, we use air compressors that spray the abrasive particles. The sand particles not only strip the paint, but it also creates a smooth finish. Sandblasting at Australian Construction is part of our finishing process. We use it to clean the areas that manual jobs and small machines cannot cover. 

    Once the sandblasting process is over, what we will have is a smooth finish. It is the sand that wears away the small particles that we cannot typically remove by hand. While the sand is important, it is great to note that we at Australian Construction use powerful compressors to get the job done. 

    Chemical Stripping

    After many years, the surface of your building is not going to be the same as it has been. It does not matter if it is made of wood, concrete, or metal. It will show serious signs of wear and tear. Its natural beauty is gone. 

    If you want to restore it, the service that you need is called chemical stripping, which we do at Australian Construction. If done the right way, the substrate will not get impacted, even if we use chemicals. Pretty much, we can bring back the old look of your substrate.  

    Why do you want to do this?

    If you are looking for Sydney industrial painters, you may also want somebody who can do the restoration. Whether you are looking to restore an old building or a monument, we can do it for you. We know what kind of stripping agents to use for specific materials, and we will not damage the substrate. 

    The other good thing about this service that we offer is that we use top-grade stripping chemicals. The paint removal process is odourless, and we use materials that are environment-friendly.  

    Industrial Flooring System

    If you built a factory or a warehouse, know that you may need to use paint for your flooring. We at Australian Construction not only do the painting, but we also do floor preparation services. We can finish your floor with resinous materials such as urethane cement. This is a durable material that is best used on floors that have high foot traffic. 

    Where can you use our services for floor preparation and paint jobs? 

    Here are some examples: 

    • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
    • Manufacturing plants
    • Pharmaceutical plants
    • Warehouses
    • Big box stores

    It does not matter whether you have a newly constructed site or an old one. We are prepared to take on the job and make things happen. By the time we are done, we can guarantee that the finish we use has great adhesion and will not strip away immediately. 

    Lead Paint Renovation

    Lead paint renovation refers to a process where the old paint used has lead in it. As we know today, the lead element is dangerous. If the structure you have is old, it is a wise decision to strip the old paint and replace it with a new one. 

    This, however, must be done by professionals. At Australian Construction, we have highly-trained individuals who know how to safely remove lead-based paint. After taking the old coating off, we can proceed to the next process, and then finally apply a new coat of finish that is safe. 

    Lead is usually found in old bridges, houses, apartments, and industrial complexes. Even if these houses are old and the lead-based paint has already dried for decades, they still pose a danger to your health. 

    Maintenance and Painting

    Another service you may be interested in is maintenance. Given that we do paint jobs as Sydney industrial painters, we also offer maintenance where we keep the paint job in pristine condition.

    Why do you need this? 

    If you are operating a hotel, manufacturing plant, or a hospital, you have to ensure that the paint job is not chipped. Old paint that has seen the years is an eyesore. In this regard, we encourage you to protect your investment.

    To do this, we have to schedule a maintenance schedule. We can visit your place at regular intervals and check all nooks and crannies that have been worn out. Then, we will do our maintenance duties to bring it back in pristine condition.  

    Summary: Sydney Industrial Painters

    We at Australian Construction have been around for over two decades. Give us a call so we can discuss your project. Our team can visit your site as needed, and we can plan how we will proceed. We will also give you a free quote, open for negotiation, and a timeline of when we can finish the paint job. 

    At Australian Construction have been in the business for over 20 years. We offer a warranty for our services, and we are committed to giving you nothing but the best Sydney industrial painters job there ever is.