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Toowoomba Industrial Painters

Toowoomba Industrial Painters

    You need industrial painters in Toowoomba if you have a large-scale project. Some business owners call a regular paint contractor, which we do not recommend. Industrial painting is not the same as a commercial one.

    To help you understand further, we will show you the benefits of industrial painting. After reading this, you will realise that you will get more value for your money if you hire experts in this area.  

    Industrial Painting Prevents Corrosion

    One of the best benefits of industrial painting is that it prevents corrosion. This is why we use this kind of painting for clients that work with metals. For example, we use industrial paint for metal pipes that are exposed to the air.

    You also need this kind of painting if you are operating a factory. There are many corrosive materials that can damage your equipment. Because of the intensive nature of manufacturing, materials easily break down.

    If you do get the expertise of industrial painters in Toowoomba, you will find yourself repainting your equipment again and again. This costs money, and it will also have an impact on your productivity.

    There are many types of paints that we use. We need to know how the material is going to be used, and to what elements they will be exposed. But just to give you an idea, a common coating we use is zinc. If we do this, the zinc gets corroded first before the metal beneath it.  

    Industrial Painting Fireproofs Equipment

    Many products today have special chemical components that prevent catching on fire. This is called the in-tumescent fireproofing layer. We use this in areas where the fire is a high risk. The paint helps contain the spread of the fire.

    An in-tumescent material reacts upon contact with fire or extreme heat. They expand in volume, and this makes it difficult for them to burn.

    There are two main types of products you can choose from this. These are called soft char and hard char. Soft char holds moisture, which gets released as steam after the expansion due to heat. Hard char ha a material that melts into sodium silicates. Some have graphite, and these things form firewalls.

    This kind of paint is what we recommend if your manufacturing process involves heat or fire. Examples of these are facilities that bake goods in large volumes.  

    Industrial Painting Reduces Energy Consumption

    The coating that you use plays a role as far as insulation is concerned. There are paints that act as cooling systems. Some are hot, and they are mostly used in cold regions in the world.

    There are paint products that we use in manufacturing facilities. Some are specifically made for equipment that goes through extreme heat. The paint keeps the machine cool, therefore helping out in reducing energy consumption.

    Not all types of paint that you buy in a store can provide these benefits. Sometimes, you may not even find this kind of paint at all. You need a chemical engineer to blend this for you.  

    Summary: Industrial Painters in Toowoomba

    Industrial painting is for large-scale projects. If you want to protect your assets, then this is the way to go. For any questions, do not hesitate to give us a call. Our phone number is at the top of our website.

    If you have already decided that you need an industrial paint job, the next step is to get a price quote. You can use our contact form to get a price range from us. Just give us the details of your project and we will work on it. One of our engineers will assess it and send you a project quote.