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Townsville Industrial Painters: Why Choose Australian Construction?

    The process of industrial painting has brought a lot of advantages to the field of construction. This is what you need Townsville industrial painters for. Contrary to old knowledge, paint, nowadays, doesn’t just affect an infrastructure’s appearance. It also serves as a protective measure which can improve their condition.

    This is the service that our company at Australian Construction offers. We greatly believe that industrial painting is one of the most worthwhile processes that comes hand in hand with construction.

    Today, we are going to talk about the basics of the process, along with what you can expect from us once you choose to work with our company.

    What is industrial painting?

    Industrial painting is the process of applying paint for the purpose of accomplishing the desired look of a facility and providing it with something that can prolong its life. 

    This is not to be confused with a regular painting process that only involves paint. The latter’s main goal is to bring colour to a surface while the former offers more than that. Although most home-owners prefer the regular process, they can actually find themselves pending more because it doesn’t last as long.

    Industrial painting involves a lot of skills. These skills include:

    • Knowledge about painting formulas
    • Ability to mix formulas in order to achieve a colour and texture
    • Detail-oriented
    • Can determine the needs of a project

    This is significant because this covers a wide range of infrastructure-specialised purposes. 

    What are the tasks of an industrial painter?

    The industrial painting also requires a lot of tasks, both simple and complex. Speaking of the tasks and responsibilities of an industrial painter, refer to the ones listed below:


    The first step that we initially take is project planning. This will serve as the basis of the whole project’s framework. All of our next steps will be determined by what is included in the given plan.

    This task is done with the presence of both our contractors and the clients. This can be performed through physical communication, or by digital means, so long as clear communication between the parties is possible.

    The plan will give light to important details like the budget, the necessary resources, special duties, the expectations of the client, and the time-frame. Knowing this can avoid dissatisfaction and misunderstandings.

    2. Surface Cleaning and Preparation

    Once a plan is introduced, our next task as contractors would be to examine the infrastructure and designated surfaces. From there, we will deduce the needed measures that we need to take in order to make it ready for the upcoming paint installation.

    Usually, this includes two sub-processes. The first is the removal of the existing paint or wallpaper, and the second one involves a thorough cleaning process.

    The first sub-process is only necessary if the project involves an old facility or infrastructure, those that are already built and have undergone the same process in the past to put it simply. This should not be skipped as the old paint may affect the quality of the new one if not removed.

    The second one, on the other hand, is required for whatever type of project is at hand. This involves eliminating dirt, webs, and all the other unnecessary items that may have been installed on the surface (e.g. screws, nails, posters).

    Preparation of Resources

    The next thing that we are bound to do is to prepare all the necessary equipment and resources for the project. These include materials like the required paint colours, paint remover, different sizes of brush, protective coats, etc.

    This task helps our contractors to easily do the job without having to prepare too much mid-painting. Doing this can also make the process finish earlier than the expected date. 

    Another advantage of preparing the resources in advance is the lessened possibility of shortage. It is a common problem for other teams to run out of a certain material, paint mostly, which causes the delay of the project. This is what we want to prevent.

    Paint Application

    Moving on the highlight of the process, we have the paint application. This is where the actual painting will begin. This is also the time where we will start to apply the needed layers.

    Most commonly, only three layers will be needed throughout. These are the primer, the pre-finishing coat, and the finishing coat.

    The primer is painted with natural tones, white being the most used. This will serve as the base for the actual colour that needs to be installed. This also allows the saturation of the said colour to be more vibrant.

    The pre-finishing coat is the regular coloured paint that we use on the daily. This fully depends on the client’s requirement, or if not vocally stated, this can be seen on the project plan. This is also where the design and texture will be done.

    For the last layer, we have the finishing coat. This is commonly known as the protective coat because this will protect the underlying layers from external threats.

    After every task, we will see to it that no mistakes are done. We will review every surface, and perform touch-ups to those needed. This is to assure that the outcome will meet, or possibly even exceed, the client’s expectations.

    Should you avail of our service?

    Industrial painting is well-known for its versatility. This can be done to any type and size of the project. Below are some examples of project types for reference:

    • Houses
    • Malls
    • Buildings
    • Multi-storey halls
    • Roads
    • Furniture and fixtures
    • House accessories
    • Factories
    • Zoos
    • Renovations

    Like what is previously stated, there is almost no limitation as to where industrial painting can be performed. Simply put, this is for everyone whose goal involves building an aesthetic appeal and improving the infrastructure’s condition.

    Summary: Townsville Industrial Painters

    Industrial painting is a process that has significant contributions to a construction’s quality. 

    Although this will require more financial investment and time, this is definitely a good addition to any infrastructure that you may have.

    If you are looking for a team of experienced industrial painters, then we recommend our brand, Australian Construction. We are a group of knowledgeable contractors who knows the needs of construction when it comes to the field.

    For inquiries or project proposals, you can contact us on our phone number, or simply send a message. Rest assured that we will get back to you promptly.