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Bunbury Joint Sealing Contractor

Bunbury Joint Sealing Contractor

    A joint sealing contractor in Bunbury uses many types of sealants. The most common sealant that people know is silicone, and this is because we use it in windows and aquariums.

    Today, we want to share with you many other types. From here, you will be able to participate in the discussion with your contractor. You can give your input or ask your contractor for the kind of sealant that you prefer.

    Latex Sealant

    This is a type of joint sealing compound that is water-based. It is mainly used in residential construction projects and on light applications only. They work for both interior and exterior purposes.

    There are premium products in this category, and they meet certain government or industry standards. A great thing about latex sealants is that they are durable, and you can paint over them.

    However, latex sealants shrink after they cure, so you have to take account of it. We know these sealants by another name, which you may have heard of before already—caulk.

    Butyls Sealants

    This is a type of sealant that is solvent-based. They have great adhesion to substrates, and they have a maximum of 7.5% movement. What this means is that you have to account for movement after they dry.

    A sealant like this has excellent weathering properties, and they are great for industrial packaging applications. However, some versions have an additional compound that makes them ideal for walls, especially if rubber is involved.  

    This type of sealant also has shrinkage after curing. After a long period of time, this sealant will harden and can also crack. They are best used indoors but not for exterior purposes.


    This one is a high-performance sealant that has a great chemical formula for industrial applications. They have moderate cyclic movements, so they have poor recovery limits for joints. However, they work great for chemical resistance.

    Polysulfides also work best in submerged areas. They can stay hard and protect your material from water. One drawback of this type of sealant is that it requires a primer before use. You need this primer in any type of substrate.


    This is a type of sealant that is also very common. A joint sealing contractor in Bunbury will almost always recommend this. They are best used in commercial applications, and they offer good movement once they are dry.

    What you will love about this is that it has excellent adhesion properties. We do not recommend that you use it for glazing, and you should not allow it to be in direct contact with the glass. This sealant does not need a primer before application.

    Another great quality of a sealant like this is that it is resistant to UV rays. This is why this is the premier choice if the material will be exposed under the sun. Some brands have solvent in them, so read the label before using it. you can also paint over this type of sealant if you want.

    Summary: Joint Sealing Contractor in Bunbury

    This list is a small one—there are many types of sealants out there, and we cannot list them all down here. If you have any question, give us a call and we will help you out.

    If you have a project that requires joint sealing, you can ask us for a price quote now. Use our contact form and give us the details of your project. Our engineers will assess the information to give you a price quote. If they need more information, they will reach out to you.

    You can also schedule a meeting with us. We will visit your site and speak with you about your project. this way, we can better understand the job order and give you a better quote.