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Bundaberg Joint Sealing Contractor

Bundaberg Joint Sealing Contractor

    A joint sealing contractor in Bundaberg will tell you that there are many types of sealants. If you want them to take care of the entire process, then it is not important that you participate in the discussion. However, you may want to know more. As such, you need to know the properties of sealants.

    What we will discuss today are the different characteristics of sealants. You can use this knowledge when discussing a joint sealing project with your contractor.


    Different types of sealants have different levels of elasticity. The elasticity will depend on the substrate and how the material functions. Generally speaking, you want high elasticity for things that consistently move like windows.

    One term you will often hear is modulus elasticity. Low-modulus sealants are great for high movement. High-modulus ones will crack if disturbed. The low-modulus sealants are what you want for delicate substrates.


    All sealants have high adhesion properties. However, you cannot expect one kind of sealant to adhere to all types of surfaces. For example, there are sealants that you can use for glass and aquariums, and yet they do not work well with metals.

    There is a thing called the Standard Test Method for Adhesion-in-Peel of Elastomer Joint Sealants. This is commonly referred to as the ASTM C794 test. Manufacturers adhere to these standards. Depending on the kind of sealant you use, your engineer will help you decide which one has the best adhesion property.


    Sealants close the gaps, but they leave a trace. As such, you may want to paint over the sealant to maintain aesthetic qualities. On top of this, not all substrates are great at receiving paint.

    On the other hand, some sealants stain. What it means is that the sealant will colour the substrate, and you do not want this to happen. For the best advice, you have to consult an engineer or contractor like us to determine what best sealant to use according to your desired outcome.

    VOC Content

    Not all sealants that a joint sealing contractor in Bundaberg uses are great for your health. There are sealants that have a high content of volatile organic compounds. Sometimes, this cannot be helped. Without these compounds, the specific kind of sealant will not work.

    Your contractor can guide you in choosing an effective sealant with the low content of this compound. If you will apply the sealant indoors, you have to choose products that are as effective and yet with low health risks.  


    The last factor that you have to consider is cost. Not all sealants are cheap. Silicone is one of the most affordable, and this is why it is the most common type of sealant out there.

    This does not mean that it is your only option. Sealants for industrial purposes are more expensive pound for pound. Ask your contractor for recommendations if the budget is an issue. They may also know of suppliers who could give you a massive discount.  

    Summary: Joint Sealing Contractor in Bundaberg

    There are many more characteristics that are not included here. We published these in our other blogs, so you may want to visit our other web pages.

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