Your Professional Joint Sealing Contractor in Newcastle

Newcastle Joint Sealing Contractor

Newcastle Joint Sealing Contractor

    All kinds of construction have joints—from metals to concrete. Many people think the carpenters working on the facility should be able to do this but is it so? Not really, you need a specialist, like a Newcastle joint sealing contractor.

    Today, we at Australian Construction will show you why you need a joint sealing contractor. By the end of this tutorial, you will know that not all people who work in the construction business have the same capabilities.

    Experience and expertise

    Sealing joints is not just about using caulk and silicone. There are more things that go into the process. For one, sealing is also used for structural integrity and waterproofing, which means that the contractor must know the right materials to use for specific purposes.

    This is where expertise comes in. There are many sealing products out there. If the contractor has no experience, chances are that your joint sealing contractor work will just be a trial, or that the sealing process used a generalistic approach.

    We at Australian Construction have been around for over 20 years. what this tells you is that we have a lot of experience. We have been exposed to all sorts of problems, and we can prevent these problems from happening to you. We have even fixed issues in sealing that previous contractors did for our clients.

    Experience is the best teacher. If you hire a contractor that has no experience, your site will be experimental. The sad thing about this is that you cannot hold the contractor accountable for this.

    Quality that lasts

    Hire a professional joint sealing contractor to ensure that you get quality. If you just rely on your current construction workers, they may be able to follow the instructions written on the sealing product, but this is not enough.

    As you may know by now, not all instructions at the back of a bottle label are complete. There is a correct process in applying sealants. Also, not all sealing materials are compatible for all purposes. For example, there are situations where a gasket sealing process works much better than merely using silicone.

    If you are looking for quality, the only way you can have it is by hiring a joint sealing contractor. We at Australian Construction have seen it all. Whether it is a window or a door that needs sealing, we know what to do.

    We also know how to properly seal joints on concrete. We can also tell you what products best suit your specific needs. For example, we can tell you that polyurethane can last only up to five years on average, and then you will have to re-seal it again. But if you use silicone, it can last up to 20 years.  

    Protection for your property

    If you do not hie a joint sealing contractor, it is likely that your property will get damaged with water over time. Apart from this, you may face the problem of energy inefficiency, plus your facility may look awful.

    There are several reasons why it is better to hire a joint sealing contractor, and property protection is one of these reasons.

    For example, the gaps in your building can drive up your energy bill. Your AC will be consuming more energy because of these gaps. It does not matter if you are turning up the heat or lowering it—your AC will waste energy if the proper air temperature has a way to escape.

    Proper sealing of joints will also prevent mildew and moulds from happening. For as long as moisture can find its way, it will. Moulds can destroy wood and concrete. The worst thing that can happen is that people from your facility may get sick.

    Do not let your current contractor do the joint sealing unless they are adequately equipped with knowledge and experience. Hire a specialist like us to ensure that your building is protected.

    How to choose the right Newcastle joint sealing contractor

    There are many who will claim that they know how to do this. But we beg to differ. If you want to get your money’s worth, we suggest you keep on reading so you can hire the best contractor.

    The first thing you want to look for is a license. A licensed contractor is one that is allowed by the government to perform this function. As a licensed contractor, the expectation is that they know the building code. A licensed contractor is also likely to be bonded and insured.

    The next thing you need to look for is credibility and reputation. Contractors are known, and people talk. What we recommend when you shop for a contractor is that you ask people you trust. Ask your friends and family. Ask your fellow engineers.

    If you want, you can go online ad check. Many businesses today have a Facebook account, and you can check for people’s feedback from those accounts. Also, you can visit review sites like Trust Pilot and check if there are comments about the contractor you want to work with.

    The last thing you have to look for is reasonable pricing. We are not saying that the price has to be cheap. All we are saying is that the price must be reasonable and that the project quote or commitment you get from the contractor is clear.  

    Summary: Newcastle Joint Sealing Contractor

    Now that you know why you need a joint sealing contractor, it is time that you start contacting some. We recommend that you shop around your area and find out the best company to hire.

    You can also give us a call at Australian Construction. We have been in this business for over 20 years, and we know how the industry works. We have served dozens of satisfied clients who can vouch for our quality of work.

    Once you give us a call, an engineer will speak with you and also schedule a meeting. We can also do an ocular inspection of your construction site if needed, and then we will present you with a plan and a quote. Then we can move on from there.