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Port Macquarie Joint Sealing Contractor

Port Macquarie Joint Sealing Contractor

    A joint sealing contractor in Port Macquarie will give you options for sealants. Some may not, especially if you tell them that they are in charge of everything. But what if you want to make your own choices? What if you want to be involved?

    Today, we want to share with you several types of sealants that you can choose from. We will not give you all there is, but this list that we prepared should suffice. With this information, you can give your two cents to your contractor, and let him know about what you want.

    Water-based latex

    The first type of sealant that a joint sealing contractor in Port Macquarie uses is something that is commonly used in residential areas. Latex-based sealants adhere to most types of substrates. You can also paint on them, and this makes them ideal because you can maintain the aesthetic quality of your home.  

    This type of sealant has a low tolerance for movement. They are best used for gaps that you do not open all the time. An example of this the window in your basement.  

    Acrylic Sealant

    This type is a good choice for exterior applications. It has the capacity to resist UV rays, and it is not prone to shrinking. The problem with an acrylic sealant is that it is difficult to apply. Also, it is not a great product for things that consistently move.


    This type of sealant will adhere to many types of substrates. One benefit of using this is that you do not need a lot of processes to prepare the substrate. Polyurethane sealants have high resistance to abrasion, so they are great sealants for areas that have high traffic or usage.


    This is the most common type of sealant. You can easily buy this in hardware stores. They are great options for windows and small projects because they have high movement dynamics.

    Silicone sealants also have a thermal resistance. They do not easily burn. On top of this, silicone adheres really well to many types of surface. The problem is that it is also easy to remove them. In addition, they easily accumulate dirt.

    It is also difficult to paint over them. Some brands can be painted, but you need to use a special kind of primer.


    The last type that we will discuss today is polysulfide. This is best used in underwater facilities like pipes. This type of sealant has excellent performance under extreme temperatures. They are also tough and can resist UV light. They do not degrade so easily.

    One challenge is that this product is expensive. Also, this type of sealant has a high content of volatile organic compounds. This is bad for your health. Despite these, you can expect that it will last between 10 and 20 years.

    For the price you have to pay, one can say that this is a win-win product. However, it is not what we would recommend all the time. This one is great only in situations where there is extreme heat, or if the structure that you want to seal is underwater.

    Summary: Joint Sealing Contractor in Port Macquarie

    As you can see, there are many types of sealants. What you choose really depends on what you need. This list is not exhaustive, but it gives you a general idea of what options you have.

    If you have a question, do let us know. One of our experts will stay on the line with you to answer your inquiries. If you need a price quote, you can use our contact form. Just tell us the details of your project and we will respond with a price range.