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    If you hire a joint sealing contractor in Wagga Wagga, chances are you will hear many explanations from the contractor about the different types of sealants. This is important. Many people think that sealants are just silicones, but it is more complicated than that.

    Today, we want to share with you several properties of sealants. This way, you can go toe-to-toe with a contractor as far as these discussions are concerned. You will be able to understand what the engineer is talking about, and you can also give your two cents on the matter.  


    There are sealants a joint sealing contractor in Wagga Wagga uses that have high viscosity. What this means is that they are not thick. They do no flow much from where you poured them. These sealants are great for vertical joints where you want to seal a specific spot only.

    On the other hand, a low-viscosity sealant will penetrate the substrate. This kind of sealant is great for horizontal joints where you really want a good seal.


    Some sealants get really hard, especially those that you use in pipes. You also want this type of sealant for underwater structures to ensure that they do not get fragmented.

    Some sealants are flexible. You use this type if the joint is subject to movement and pressure. A common type of sealant like this is silicone—it has to move a little bit as you put pressure on the opening and closing of a window.

    Weather Resistance

    Some sealants are best used indoors. These are the sealants that have poor weather resistance. Some, however, need to perform better.

    There are sealants that can resist UV rays. Some silicone sealants have this property. There are also sealants specifically formulated to fight off extreme heat and extreme cold.

    There are also other elements that you have to consider such as moisture. The engineer that you work with will recommend the best type of weather is a concern.


    All sealants that a joint sealing contractor in Wagga Wagga uses have to be durable. However, all of them have expected life cycles. They will last long, that is for sure, but they will not last forever. Sealants will perform best if use the right type for the right condition.

    Having said this, you must know that sealants have specific longevity. You will certainly have to reseal if that time comes. Also, sealants will not last long if you use them the wrong way. This is why it is better to depend on a joint sealing contractor than to do this activity on your own.


    All joints move. It is only a matter of how often and at what pressure conditions. Sealants have movement conditions. There are standard measurements for this, but you do typically see them for household use sealants.

    The common standard that manufacturers use to rate movement is called ASTM C920. It is a specification for elastomer sealants. There are also other standards, especially for industrial-grade joint sealing materials. Engineers use these standards to determine the best type of sealant to use for a project.

    Summary: Joint Sealing Contractor in Wagga Wagga

    Sealants come in all types. Engineers use the best one according to the project. For example, the sealant we use for windows is different from the one we use for concrete cracks on walls. The same is true for sealants we use on roads.

    If you have a question, give us a call and we will help you out. We also strongly recommend that you use our “request quote” form. Give us the details of your project, and we will respond with a price range. You can also schedule a meeting with us so we can understand the scope of your project better.