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Adelaide Kitchen Renovations
Adelaide Kitchen Renovations

    For expert and contemporary kitchen renovations, Australian Construction is the best option. We have many years of experience, and our team of skilled and qualified specialists has helped us build and design lovely kitchens, making homes more valuable across Adelaide. Suppose you want a luxurious and spacious kitchen or establish a butler’s pantry or optimise storage solutions. In that case, our Adelaide kitchen renovators are ready to give you trustworthy service, customised to your requirements.

    Expert kitchen services

    Australian Construction is fully licensed as kitchen constructors in Adelaide. We are well equipped to carry out all the essential tasks for your kitchen renovation. The kitchen is the home’s hub, and we appreciate it is vital to create a stylish but functional kitchen area where friends and family can rest and entertain.

    Our team has extensive knowledge of Adelaide kitchen renovations and installations and a strong trade suppliers network. We will handle your kitchen renovation project throughout the entire procedure from the initial consultation right through to finalisation.

    The kitchen renovation contractor we have in Adelaide are skilled in kitchen makeovers throughout Adelaide. You are free to give us ideas about the concepts and aspirations you want for your kitchen. We source the ideal products and materials from businesses and local suppliers. Our company has earned a leader’s reputation in the top kitchen renovation in Adelaide, and we are one-stop-shop specialists.

    Kitchen Upgrades

    If you want a cost-effective method of renovating your kitchen, review your existing kitchen and decide what you want to upgrade. We have hundreds of finishes and colour options and unlimited designs. The kitchen renovation contractor in Adelaide matches your kitchen perfectly with the other areas of your home, depending on your individual style preferences.

    Australian Construction custom specialist joinery does the following:

    Kitchen panels & doors

    We have various colours, products, and designs to suit your budget and style.


    If you wish to have extra space or clear clutter, our professional Adelaide kitchen renovations contractor designs and builds new cabinets to match your storage needs.


    We have tile, glass or aluminium to create the look and style you want for the kitchen.


    Get the ideal handle, either rustic or modern, giving your kitchen a beautiful finishing touch.


    We have different finishes like stone or laminate so you can choose one that is suitable for your allocated budget and design.


    Our expert team uses under cabinet lighting, LED strip lighting or recessed lighting to greatly enhance your kitchen.

    Storage solutions

    We offer a wide variety of storage solutions like cutlery trays, inner drawers and hidden bins for your pantry, making your kitchen look stylish and become more spacious.

    Integrated appliances

    You can choose from under-mounted sinks or wall ovens for appliance upgrade and integration, giving your kitchen optimal efficiency. We are experienced in kitchen renovations and are dedicated to giving you aesthetically pleasing and functional space in your home. Using the right fittings and fixtures, our team creates a lovely new kitchen for you cost-effectively.

    Significant structure changes

    A professional kitchen contractor will handle any major demolition, such as walls. It might seem like a simple task, but keep in mind any mistakes during structural changes can lead to costly repairs and become a safety hazard.

    Kitchen layouts ensure functionality and correct flow. Our popular layouts include peninsula, open floor plans, and L-shaped kitchens. Australian Construction handles the structural changes safely, and our professional team will help you pick the right layout. 

    Our kitchen renovation procedure

    We have listed the various stages of a kitchen renovation project to understand better what to expect.

    First consultation

    It would be best to share your ideas with us during this consultation about what you wish to gain from your kitchen renovation. You may be excited about planning a new kitchen and want to start things immediately. But, we advise you to take your time during this stage. Our expert team works closely with you to find out your lifestyle needs, budgets and tastes.

    Design and visualisation

    Our designers form a concept founded on your ideas, and they implement their knowledge and skills to develop a practical and stylish kitchen design. We are happy to build safe kitchens to work in and have significant organisational opportunities, giving you a lovely area to spend time with your loved ones.

    Choosing the materials

    Our variety of materials consist of quality products from famous hardware brands. Our team sources the features and designs ideal for your kitchen for door frames, cabinets or benchtops.


    For your renovation, our Adelaide kitchen renovator coordinates all the necessary trade work. These kitchen builders are fully licensed to ensure that the construction work quality is performed to top Australian standards. We aim to finish every project in a timely and efficient manner, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

    Finishing touches

    After our team finishes the construction, your kitchen renovation‘s final steps involve floor laying and wall painting. When the renovation is complete, you can relax and enjoy your breathtaking kitchen!

    Why choose Australian Construction?

    We work with the leading retailers in Australia and give you access to a significant range of quality items at affordable costs. We have a team of qualified kitchen builders with many years of experience, extensive advice, and excellent craftsmanship. 

    The kitchen renovation contractor is proud of our competitive kitchen makeovers, which strike the best balance between your requirements and the area’s practicality and specifications.

    We give you the date for starting and finishing your project and manage all the renovation process elements from designing to installing and selecting accessories and finishes. It facilitates in making your dream kitchen come true! 


    We give you a comprehensive assessment and consider your ideas. You have the chance to check out any images, concepts and needs for your kitchen makeover. From here, our team works through all the likely scenarios to pick the ideal kitchen design for your area.

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