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    Our Australian Construction team is not just seeking a fast paycheck. We are unique because we prioritise the work quality to get the ideal result. The kitchen renovations contractor we have in Brisbane genuinely cares about the outcomes we give our clients, and so works hard to deliver the best all the time. 

    One reason is that we enjoy working with our customers and love putting a smile on their face after completing the project. We have many years of experience as kitchen builders and have developed a reputation for brilliance in new kitchen constructions throughout Brisbane. 

    Call us for a professional, reliable and friendly new kitchen constructions service that promises to meet your expectations. We are proud of our open communication, and our professional team keeps our clients informed all through the whole procedure. 

    Kitchen lighting 

    Creating the type of ambience you want in your home depends on how you use the lighting.  Correct usage gives you a cosy, warm and hospitable room. If you get it wrong, one may mistake your surroundings for an office space. It especially applies to the kitchen since lighting design can distinguish between a lovely layout and something unique. 

    Ambient Kitchen Lighting

    Ambient lighting is ideal for you if you want your kitchen to have an even light level. We use this style to illuminate an area wonderfully, either brightly or dimly. It makes this the best option for dark kitchens. Downlights are ideal for using here as it provides a lot of design versatility. 

    They are affordable and energy-efficient and create a beautiful atmosphere. However, it is essential to space them to avoid creating an excessively bright environment. Ensure they are not too far apart to avoid the creation of washes of light. Talk to a professional designer from Australian Construction for the best outcomes.

    Accent Lighting

    Show off the unique features like backing boards and artwork to form a striking effect. Our kitchen renovations contractor in Brisbane use accent lighting to highlight a feature that deserves extra attention. Our competent team handles this expertly and gives the area a sophisticated architectural touch to impress your visitors. We use strip lighting to emphasise your favourite under-cabinet or painting lighting. 

    Ensure that you pick the correct brightness to avoid irritation. You can do this by contacting an experienced designer like the kitchen renovations contractor in Brisbane. Remember the final decision is yours, but getting a second opinion from an expert like us is advisable.

    Natural Lighting

    Everyone wishes to give their kitchen natural lighting, and we are happy to tell you we can achieve this! Two ideal methods of doing it are having several windows throughout your area and fitting a skylight overhead. In a lot of instances, it depends on your home layout and the existing structure. But, when you work with a professional team like us, you get impressive new design add-ons and renovations.

    Natural light is excellent for making your kitchen bright. But, it is crucial to understand that balance is essential. For example, if finishes, fittings and appliances throughout your kitchen are prone to sun damage, having too many windows can cause problems. Also, remember that at night some elements change. For example, if you need natural light for your splashback to look amazing when the sun goes down this effect is not possible.

    Getting the proper appearance for your home

    Talk to our expert team today if you want to create a unique space. Our skilled team has vast experience in bringing your dream design concepts to life. We use everything from under cabinet lights to LED strip lights that look awesome and striking.

    Transforming your kitchen with glass splashback ideas

    Cooking can be messy at times, and this is why you need our kitchen renovations contractor to fit the correct type of splashback for your kitchen. Below are some of our designs to give you the perfect fit and design that matches your taste. Check out these ideas from our Australian Construction team to learn more.

    Toughened Glass

    Toughened glass is best if you want easy to clean, beautiful splashback. We paint this product in all types of designs on the reverse. It provides the right opacity level to highlight things. The outcome is an exceptional appearance that complements all kinds of kitchen, be it classical or contemporary in style. Playing with lighting in exciting ways gives you a lovely atmosphere with our toughened glass splashback.

    Silvered/Mirrored glass

    We adore the effect of a silvered or mirrored glass splashback. The reason is that these are perfect designs when you want to make a fashion statement, taking your kitchen to another level. Using this product gives you a surface you can clean easily, which is wear and tear-resistant. 

    Printed glass

    All homeowners will appreciate printed glass because it is versatile. You can pick from our various visual finishes to captivate the eye. It is the ideal material for home master chefs and will resist all the strain of whipping up a storm! Increase your home character and have fun with a bright design that camouflages the inevitable splashes and oil marks. Wipe with a microfibre cloth to clean; fancy chemicals and soaps are not necessary.

    Slumped glass

    If you have limited space, slumped glass is a fantastic option because a mirrored, slumped glass forms the impression of more room to move. We have a wide range of beautiful designs to match, and you will adore what we have. Remember that this 3-dimensional nature makes cleaning a bit challenging and the slumped glass is not tough. Therefore, we ensure it is 200mm or more from the closest burner.


    If you wish to make a statement using your glass splashback, contact Australian Construction. Our expert team can help design something outstanding for your area, and our artistry level will always impress.

    Whether your kitchen is white, modern or something different, you can rest assured that we can realise your dream ideas. 

      Seek our expert support throughout the building procedure and know that we are available at all times to take your call.