Commercial And Residential Kitchen Renovations In Bunbury

Bunbury Kitchen Renovations

Bunbury Kitchen Renovations

    At Australian Construction, we have serviced Bunbury homes and commercial premises for years. We offer vanities, kitchens, cabinetry products and cupboards. Our kitchen renovations in Bunbury involve a blend of unique design and quality services and products. It not only makes your premises or home lovelier but also functional.

    Kitchen renovations are not carried out every day. However, we have a team of skilled project managers and designers who take the burden from you. Our experienced project manager works with you all through the renovation. Moreover, our designers help you choose and produce the ideal kitchen cabinets and joinery for your premises or home.

    Quality services

    Australian Construction specialises in commercial cabinets and kitchens.  We offer tailor-made, made-to-measure cupboards and kitchens. The materials and hardware used are locally sourced from quality suppliers. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive design, supply and installation services in Bunbury.

    Our company strikes a balance between practicality and visual appeal. It gives a lovely element to premises or homes. Because of our expert craftsmanship, we make your renovated area come alive. Also, we provide a refreshing look to your office space or new home. As a result, it becomes a talking point for years!

    An important project like this needs meticulous planning. Unique ideas and effective communication are crucial as well. Coupled with this, top quality materials, fair prices, and flexibility to tailor your kitchen are essential. As a result, we custom-build your kitchen exactly how you imagine it. There are no restrictions on packages or sizes.

    At Australian Construction, first, we create your cabinet or kitchen project in 3D. We then present a realistically produced image of your project. Consequently, we can modify and change to your satisfaction.

    Different kinds of products

    Maybe you want a modern and fresh kitchen, or perhaps you need classic timber for your kitchen or a blend of the two. Regardless, we guarantee you superior artistry and durable products.

    When renovating or building a new commercial kitchen, remember that everything has a function. The kitchen is the driving force that determines your business success. Therefore the fit-out should accommodate all the work involved. 

    To make your commercial kitchen a success, we use specific appliances and features. Because of this, they allow optimal flow, performance and efficiency. 

    Commercial kitchen flooring

    Your kitchen flooring experiences a lot of pressure every day. It handles frequent spills, extreme temperatures and cumbersome industrial cooking equipment. Additionally, it takes heavy foot traffic and constant streams of water.

    When looking for commercial kitchen flooring, consider these points:

    • Sanitation: it should be simple to clean, stain-resistant and low maintenance.
    • Infection control: get a material that reduces microbes growth.
    • Comfort: the floor should be comfortable for the staff to stand on for many hours.
    • Durability: the floor should not collapse after a few years of use
    • Aesthetics and budget: the floor should match your branding and interior design. Besides, it should support your budget.

    At Australian Construction, we install and supply various commercial flooring options. Our skilled and qualified team helps you in deciding the best floor for your kitchen. Because we are experts, we give your commercial premises perfect synchronisation and design. We make sure your specialised specifications and plans become a reality.


    When you improve your kitchen’s accessibility, it extends its life. Therefore work with our passionate and innovative experts at Australian Construction. We are famous for our kitchen renovations in Bunbury. The reason is we complete unique and accurate projects all over Bunbury.

    We are specialists in upgrading and renovating kitchens. Moreover, we only use superior parts, components and materials. We source them from industry-leading manufacturers. Given this, you have the assurance that our team delivers quality work. No matter your kitchen size, we can transform it into a lovely and functional area. More importantly, our services are affordable.

      We look forward to hearing from you today about your kitchen renovations project!