Luxurious Kitchen Renovations In Cairns From Aus Construction

Cairns Kitchen Renovations

Cairns Kitchen Renovations

    Your first step to a new kitchen begins in the Australian Construction showroom. Here we present various options to inspire your kitchen renovations in Cairns. Moreover, we have many materials to select from for your benchtops.

    When you are ready to begin, our project manager takes you through a proposal. Therefore we collect details about your particular needs. They handle design, functionality and cost. They listen to you and ensure their proposal matches your needs.

    From our experience, we can source materials that stand the test of time; this includes German hardware, fittings, and fasteners. They are manufactured to meet a range of industry standards and testing procedures.

    The design stage

    During the design phase, we use the newest design technology. Therefore we provide a detailed 3D form of your new kitchen. It enables you to picture your new kitchen. So you can make any alterations you want now to see the result. 

    Once you are satisfied with all the proposal’s specifications, we proceed to install and manufacture different sections of your new kitchen. For example, we handle cabinetry and worktops. The same project manager oversees the whole project from beginning to end. In light of this, you only need to contact one individual if you have any questions. 

    Australian Construction undertakes new home-build. Besides, we deliver kitchen renovations in Cairns. We not only work fast to deliver your new kitchen but also follow the exact specifications. Likewise, we use the highest level of quality.

    Our services

    You might need a kitchen renovation.  Or maybe you need fitting of a new kitchen from scratch. Regardless we can deliver. Below are some of our services:

    Professional kitchen fitting

    An expert should handle your kitchen fittings. The reason is fitting your kitchen requires more work than you know. 

    Kitchen plastering and tiling

    Many times kitchen tiles are ignored. However, they have a significant impact on your kitchen’s entire look. Our tile installation procedure consists of three sections. These are adhesive, grout, as well as tiles. 

    Kitchen decorating and painting

    Notably, painting is the most ideal and affordable method of enhancing your kitchen. Choosing the appropriate paint makes a huge difference to your kitchen’s appearance. Not only is it fairly simple to apply paint, but also cost-effective.

    Expert kitchen design

    You might have a specific cooking style. Also, maybe you arrange your items and appliances in the kitchen in a particular manner. Notwithstanding, tell us, and we will create the ideal kitchen designs for you. Remember that design plays a crucial role. It ensures you enjoy working in the kitchen. Additionally, you feel safe and enjoy being in that area.

    Durable kitchen cabinetry

    Australian Construction provides perfectly tailored and designed kitchen cabinets. Because of this, your kitchen becomes safe and organised. Our team handles any material you want. For example, we offer glass, wood, stainless and metal, etc.

    Modern and classic benchtops

    We provide costly but super classy benchtops built to last. Also, we have a more affordable one but strong enough to handle your day-to-day requirements. Given that, look no further because we can deliver.  We have expert benchtop kitchen fitters. So they help you in choosing the most suitable material. More importantly, we design to enhance your kitchen vibe and aesthetics greatly.


    Where design is concerned, Australian Construction takes a collaborative approach. In light of this, we work with you to choose the ideal textures and colours that blend. We use your creative output to stamp your kitchen design sparkle. 

    Our skilled team expertly guides you in the right direction. Coupled with this, we offer a wide range of aesthetic options. We meet all styles and tastes. 

    For instance, we have modern kitchens, beach styled kitchens and traditional kitchens. Besides, we have retro kitchens, natural and organic styled kitchens and kitchens for acreages. 

    Because of our significant experience, we source durable materials. It includes German fittings, fasteners and hardware. These products are manufactured to meet various testing processes and industry standards. 

      Contact us today for the ideal kitchen renovations in Cairns!