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Geelong Kitchen Renovations

Geelong Kitchen Renovations

    For the ideal new kitchen, call Australian Construction. We design your new kitchen to suit your lifestyle and taste. Furthermore, our kitchen renovations in Geelong offer your home a pleasing and unique design. 

    We can demolish your current kitchen and begin again. Or we can build another one from scratch. Also, we give you customised kitchens. Moreover, they are available in different textures, shapes and materials.

    Australian Construction specialises in kitchens. For this reason, you can rely on us to direct you along with the whole procedure. We are available from design to construction and fitting. Additionally, our team is professionally qualified and experienced. More importantly, they have a great passion for kitchen design, technology and innovation.

    We remain updated with industry fashions and trends. As a result, our specialists give you intelligent design suggestions for various modern new kitchens. Also, they give you suggestions about the ideal items to fill them with. 

    Functional aesthetics

    We have custom kitchen solutions. Moreover, they are built in-house to match your lifestyle and home requirements. For our kitchen renovations in Geelong, we use superior laminate drawers and doors. We also provide pack painted alternatives. 

    Our team assembles benchtops with concrete. Also, we assemble them with composite stone or timber. As a result, we achieve the ideal aesthetics for your area. We add simple touches, but they are highly effective. 

    It includes soft close drawers and hinges; custom draw inserts and LED lighting. We also add custom kickboards and splash-backs. Our team designs them with aesthetics and functionality in mind.

    Internal products

    We have a striking variety of internal products, which we use for your kitchen renovations finishing touches. Australian Construction ensures each detail is covered. For example, we consider storage solutions and cooking accessories like:

    • Soft-close hinges
    • Pull-out pantries
    • Drawer solutions
    • Pantries internal drawers
    • Soft close drawers
    • Corner cupboard solutions

    We know this involves making many decisions! But you can have peace of mind because we will advise you each step of the way. 

    Door styles and materials

    We provide durable doors in different materials. Therefore, you can choose the ideal fit for your kitchen style. One of our professionals shows you samples, therefore, helping you decide. Also, you can choose from various door styles to match your selected door material.  Do you want a smooth modern finish? Maybe you wish to have a more outdated routered door front instead. Given this, we have various door panel designs suitable for your kitchen.

    Kitchen benchtops

    Your benchtop is your kitchen’s connecting space. It connects design and shape in an area where friends and family meet in your home.  We offer different designs, colours and materials. Given this, you are sure to get the ideal benchtop. It not only gives you a benchtop that matches your style but also extends it. The Australian Construction benchtop’s design is easy to clean. Moreover, it is durable and has surface strength.

    Benchtop materials

    We provide manufactured stainless steel and natural timber. Due to this, the benchtop influences your entire kitchen’s feel and look. Our professionals show you the options. They then help you pick the ideal fit for your kitchen’s design and functionality. 

    Engineered stone

    Our stone benchtops are water and scratch-resistant. Additionally, they are almost non-porous. For this reason, they are among the most famous options in Australia. This material is very durable. Also, we have it in different finishes giving your kitchen a modern and polished look.


    At Australian Construction, we specialise in new kitchen installations. In addition, we are specialists in fantastic kitchen renovations in Geelong. We find out your needs and provide a lovely and functional kitchen. We utilise highly skilled installers and superior products. Therefore we create or renovate your kitchen cost-effectively. 

      We will be happy to serve you, so get in touch with us today!