Residential & Commercial Kitchen Renovations In Hobart

Hobart Kitchen Renovations

Hobart Kitchen Renovations

    At Australian Construction, we not only manufacture kitchens but also undertake any joinery. Our kitchen renovations in Hobart give you continuous design, quality and finish. Families spend most of their time in the kitchen. Because of this, we ensure you get the best experience. We offer a wide range of variety and style. Moreover, we have a highly qualified team. Our team assesses your requirements and needs and helps you with your planning.

    Our kitchen remodelling services

    In Hobart, we are a leader in kitchen remodelling.  We work hard for our clients and provide various services like:

    • Customised countertops
    • Full kitchen remodels
    • Top-quality stock cabinets
    • Tailored pantries and storage areas
    • Premier cabinet accessories
    • Design services and interior floor plan
    • Structural home accessories
    • Complete room and home remodel
    • Build out additions
    • Full kitchen renovations

    Do you want to change your existing kitchen area? In that case, please take advantage of our outstanding complete kitchen renovations in Hobart. Our team helps you change any unattractive, poorly equipped kitchen. As a result, you get a kitchen that serves you every day. 

    We offer you bespoke services that meet your kitchen goals. Therefore we deliver all the features you want for your kitchen. All you need to do is let us know the installations and improvements you need. Given this, our team starts to make your kitchen livelier. As a result, you enjoy cooking every day!

    Islands & breakfast bars

    Maybe you are happy with your existing kitchen area. However, you wish to enhance it. Because of this, we recommend our island or breakfast bar. It is the best way for you to include more function and social space. Furthermore, they are lovely for preparation and eating.

    Countertops and cabinets

    Space is a vital element for any kitchen area. You need sufficient room for storing all your utensils and food. Also, enough space enables you to prepare the food comfortably. For this reason, countertops and cabinets play a vital role in your kitchen. The good news is that we have a luxurious variety of experience and materials in design. Therefore we deliver your exact needs.

    Tiling and backsplash

    Maybe you want ways of enhancing your kitchen aesthetics without extra maintenance work. In this case, tiling is the best. Australian Construction offers significant personality to the area. Likewise, it helps in protecting your surfaces from damages and grime. Our specialists customarily install them. Because of this, you have a bright kitchen with the ideal stylish shine!

    Timber benchtops

    Our timber benchtops provide timeless warmth and elegance to any area. There is a wide variety of timber available. Given this, it is not difficult to get a colour that becomes a lasting and stylish feature in your business or home. Comparatively, timber is softer than other benchtop choices. However, we can easily refinish it if necessary. In most kitchens, the nicks that happen over time actually improve the timber’s rustic appeal. Therefore minimal maintenance is needed.

    Solid surface benchtops

    The solid surface benchtops look like stone and provide endless outdoor and indoor applications like kitchens. The solid surface consists of natural material together with acrylic resin. So we can mould it into any form and profile. The solid surface is long-lasting and seamless. For this reason, it is ideal for high traffic areas where cleanliness is crucial. This benchtop material is sleek, and we customise it to meet individual requirements. As a result, it is popular.


    Over the years, Australian Construction has gained fame for affordable kitchen renovations in Hobart. Our team of highly experienced experts is committed to providing top quality services. Furthermore, they have outstanding professionalism and artistry. We have skills, equipment, knowledge and expertise. So we handle kitchen retiling, tiling and renovation projects of all kinds.

      Call us today and allow us to give you an attractive and functional kitchen!