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Launceston Kitchen Renovations

Launceston Kitchen Renovations

    At Australian Construction, we build top quality tailor-made kitchens and joinery. We serve commercial and residential markets. Also, we specialise in kitchen renovations in Launceston. Our skilled team offers a full service together with free quotes and advice. Moreover, we offer colour and material options and 3D computer drawings.

    We guide you throughout the procedure, from the build, installation to joinery. Moreover, we can integrate any other necessary trades. For this reason, we make the entire process simple for you and stress-free. Visit us to discuss the specifics of your future kitchen project. We will help you get your inspiration. Whether you want cabinets or kitchens, we can deliver.

    Commercial kitchens


    For first-timers, commercial kitchens can be intimidating. The reason is commercial spaces have much bigger appliances. The layout of a commercial kitchen should flow from one step to another until you serve the food. Home kitchens are tiny, so not as overwhelming.  Many times a commercial kitchen is usable and practical in an open state.

    After everything falls into place, the kitchen staff can prepare meals and fulfil orders. However, if you have an old kitchen or a poor layout, it can present issues. In this case, our kitchen renovations in Launceston are necessary. More cooking space is essential as your business expands. So Australian Construction offers professional renovations. Moreover, our work meets all industry standards. 

    Below are some reasons you should rely on us for your commercial kitchen renovations:

    We are skilled in kitchen design.

    You may have an existing commercial kitchen. Or perhaps you want to transform an empty area. Under these circumstances, we can help. Our designers have vast experience. Furthermore, they have worked in all types of areas. 

    Because of this, they can suggest floor plans, layouts and give advice. They will help you in determining your commercial kitchen design. Furthermore, if you present the menu to them, they can suggest the essential specialised appliances. Each design has a 3D floor plan. So you have a better view of the result after completion of work.

    Australian Construction only works with health-code certified settings, equipment and parts.

    If you are in the food business, you need to follow specific standards. The lights you use on food should be at a particular temperature. You should freeze raw meat and different ingredients at a set temperature. Some processes need certain kitchen features.

    Our team is highly knowledgeable in this field. For this reason, you can have peace of mind when you allow us to redo or renovate your commercial kitchen. All our work is up to all relevant legal standards. It also applies to our appliances and materials. We do not install or suggest anything that is not designed for commercial work. Everything will be suitable and fall within all existing standards. So you can begin your restaurant operations immediately.

    Experience in installing and infrastructure and equipment

    A commercial or industrial kitchen can be complicated. Unlike in a home kitchen, we need to consider ventilation, refrigeration and plumbing. The good news is that our Australian Construction experts are skilled in these aspects. 

    If your area needs improved ventilation, our designers inform you. It helps in meeting the health code standards. During kitchen renovations in Launceston, our designers install the most robust and significant appliances. Because of this your staff can move from one task to another quickly.

    Besides, we install the necessary plumbing. It is vital as the average commercial kitchen consists of separate sinks. You use them for food preparation, hand washing. Also, you utilise them for mops and dishes. Consequently, all of them need a different water supply. In addition, we can update everything if you have an existing industrial kitchen. After all, perhaps the standards have changed with time.


    At Australian Construction, we give you a professional and efficient service. We work on your commercial kitchen renovations in Launceston in a professional manner. Because we are highly experienced our work is high quality and efficient.

      Talk to us today for excellent commercial kitchen renovations!