Highly Experienced Local Kitchen Renovations In Melbourne!

Melbourne Kitchen Renovations

Melbourne Kitchen Renovations

    The kitchen is mainly referred to as the home’s heart and is a centrepiece that should be exceptional. It is an area that unites people through preparing food and holding conversations. So, it is crucial to hire a professional kitchen renovations contractor in Melbourne to fulfil these functions.

    At Australian Construction, we begin by understanding you, your way of life, and how you utilise your area. After this, our expert team designs builds and installs your lovely new kitchen. We combine years of experience and skills with your budget and vision to set up a design that we promise you will love for years.

    Let our team spare you the stress from the renovation. Our committed project management team handles the whole procedure from start to finish. Therefore, all you need to do is sit, relax and watch the restoration of your kitchen.

    Hamptons Kitchens

    Our Hamptons-style kitchen is laid back and classy, and it gets its inspiration from a breathtaking, lovely location near New York, which the wealthy and famous use as a getaway. Our kitchen renovations contractor in Melbourne provides Hamptons designs that illustrate their popular coastal namesake, also effective in Australia. 

    They present the embodiment of classic but casual, giving your kitchen a wonderfully relaxed sense to a stylishness that radiates sophistication and refinement. The advantage is that it adds this popular and enduring flair to your residence, and you do not need to reside close to the water.

    Key features of Hamptons style

    Light and space are the main features of a Hamptons kitchen style. Imagine open areas with elevated ceilings that facilitate space for decorative mouldings surrounding the cabinetry, with colourful natural light seeping through the big windows. Because of this aesthetic, white is a popular colour. We provide other pale colours that are also well-liked, like sandy hues that strengthen the coastal theme. To achieve additional colour, pick green and blue shades. Colours like navy, aqua, gentle sea greens, and duck egg blue work perfectly. Oversized or large pendant lights still emphasise the light and match-high ceilings, which are characteristic of this style.

    French Provincial kitchen style

    Australian Construction French Provincial kitchens are a constant favourite for our kitchen renovations. This style is elegant and charming, adding character and warmth that resonates with anyone fortunate enough to spend some time in one. This kitchen style triggers thoughts of a perfect rural lifestyle in a remote area; however, it works effectively in an apartment or house. 

    Today, the kitchen renovations contractor we have in Melbourne provides lovely French Provincial interpretation, such as familiar ornate features and simple but inspired modern styles. The French-style kitchen colour palate is still similar to their origins, full of antique greys, creams, and whites, and other soft tones such as eggshell blue and soft pale green shades. 

    The materials we use are mostly traditional and include beautifully created wooden cabinetry, ceramic tiling, stone benchtops, stone or wood flooring, large ovens, and range hoods. Our experienced team uses replica or antique products like decorative faucets, brass taps, rails, and hooks to enhance authenticity.

    You can also opt for cabinets with ornate handles with profiled or glass doors, together with turned posts, corbels, mantels, and moulding instead of free-standing cookers bordered by fluted columns. Our expert kitchen designers advise you on what is ideal for your home.

    Tradition with a touch of innovation

    The best interpretations feature a blend of rustic appeal and superior quality details and finishes. We will give your French kitchen a traditional look; however, you will enjoy all the advantages of modern technology like unique storage solutions and soft-close drawers, and more.

    Contemporary kitchen design

    Australian Construction’s contemporary kitchen designs are simple, chick and clean. We style them with emphasis on high functionality and efficiency. This design is streamlined and sleek, giving you an ideal style choice for modern open-plan living areas in a characteristic Melbourne apartment or home.

    Our new kitchen benefits from each latest development, appliance, and product on the market. It features sophisticated induction cooktops, thoroughly combined cutting edge equipment, soft-close cupboards and drawers, and unique storage solutions.

    We also provide polished, lightweight surfaces or different new fabrications giving you more durability, cleaning ease and affordability. Upcycled, recycled, and repurposed materials are also famous in this kitchen style.

    Using colour to make an impact

    The colour palate means contrasting and interplaying between dark and light tones. White often dominates black or other bright colours added to form flair and drama. We also add coordinated colour pops in lighting and appliances.


    Splashbacks offer an excellent method of adding an outstanding focal element to your kitchen. You may choose our coloured glass splashback, oversized stone panels, or mosaic-looking ceramic tiles.

    Contemporary Twist

    This kitchen style from Australian Construction uses clean lines, cleverly hidden storage and integrated appliances and symmetry. We include a butler’s pantry to propel the minimal, uncluttered visual to the maximum. Your imagination is the only limit on what you can attain in a modern kitchen!

    A white kitchen’s endless appeal

    Our white kitchens provide an attraction making it a popular choice for most Melbourne homeowners. It is a clean, crisp and fresh colour that optimises your residence’s natural light and makes small areas seem more significant. 

    White matches all kitchen styles like ultra-contemporary and French Provincial, and this colour is versatile; it can be modern, edgy, classic or elegant. Our white colour palette gives you a feeling of simple elegance and luxury; from glossy ivory splashbacks to silky smooth stone benchtops, our white colour palette gives you a sense of simple elegance and luxury.


    You will note that there are a lot of considerations when working with darker or black kitchens. The ideal way to handle such a project is to always consult a skilled kitchen designer like Australian Construction. Our competent team makes excellent suggestions and prevents any possible pitfalls. If you require any assistance or have any questions, please feel free to visit one of our showrooms or call us. 

      It will give us great pleasure to work on your kitchen and give you what you always dreamt of!