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Melton Kitchen Renovations

Melton Kitchen Renovations

    At Australian Construction, we provide kitchen and consultation services for hospitality businesses. You may wish to enhance your existing space. Or perhaps you want to build a new one. Regardless, we offer an efficient and functional kitchen or bar. Furthermore, we provide kitchen renovations in Melton for restaurants, hotels, cafes or franchises.

    These enterprises want the newest technology and functionality. Moreover, they wish to have a unique kitchen design that suits their needs. Generally, we give you design changes to enhance your brand profile. Furthermore, you increase your kitchen productivity and improve customer experience using your bar or kitchen. 

    Sometimes our clients have very customised commercial kitchen design needs. Under these circumstances, we are glad to help them as the design may involve complex navigation to complete. We provide a meticulously thought out design when starting the procedure. Because of this, you can save money in the future. 

    Our services

    The Australian Construction commercial kitchen solutions are affordable, and we build lasting relationships with our customers.  Also, our competent team pays attention to the design upfront. For this reason, we reduce costs and prevent issues. Besides, we explore all potential opportunities to enhance functionality. Our services are of superior quality. So you save money later because you do not need repairs or replacements.

    We have years of design experience. As a result, we know what is effective and what is not. Given this, we analyse the kitchen design’s future and work from this perspective. Due to this, we prevent your design from becoming outdated.

    Australian Construction commercial bar and kitchen designs have various useful features. They are energy efficient and we keep in mind staffing expenses. Australian Construction checks the space usage for optimal food productivity and space. In addition, we think of aesthetic appeal. Coupled with this our team ensures they enjoy the procedure and finish the project quickly. The kitchen renovations in Melton highlight the essential areas for maximum business returns with your kitchen

    Quality commercial kitchens services

    Australian Construction provides a complete system of compatible hygienic safety flooring and wall sheet. It is a fully integrated system. For this reason, it fits perfectly together. Therefore it offers a watertight and clean solution. There are neither rough edges nor gaps. Instead, you have a smooth and uninterrupted surface. It extends to light switches, corners and plug sockets.

    Our system gives you the ideal protection against bugs, vermin and bacteria.  With our hygienic wall protection and integrated floor system, cleaning becomes more manageable as well. Moreover, we build our integrated systems as a solution for common problems in the kitchen. For example, we consider issues like contaminations and slips. Furthermore, we provide maintenance and cleaning solutions.

    This system protects not only the individuals who utilise it but also the environment. Together with this, it protects people responsible for visitors and employees’ safety. However, we also consider other factors. We offer different and exciting colour palette. 

    So you can choose contemporary or traditional. You can also dare to be bold! Our expert team analyses our products thoroughly. As a result, we exceed industry standards for hygiene and safety. It ensures the ideal solution for your premises. 


    Australian Construction is proud to give you superior services. We work with the most reliable tradespeople. It makes the work easy for you. We aim to ensure you get excellent services, and our team builds your kitchen on time and follows your budget. 

    Therefore allowing our kitchen designers to focus on what we excel in, enabling you to continue cooking and serving your customers. Our professionals take time to find out your unique requirements and integrate them into your fit-out. Our combined vast business experience enables us to give you cutting edge concepts for your kitchen.

      Call us today and allow us to give you a lovely kitchen renovations in Melton!