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Kitchen Renovation Newcastle

Newcastle Kitchen Renovations

    At Australian Construction, we offer ideal renovating services in the Newcastle region. We provide superior, affordable kitchen renovating. When you work with our professional Newcastle kitchen renovations contractor, you experience a stress-free and efficient procedure. A kitchen remodel is an important long-term investment so avoid wasting your money by hiring an inexperienced contractor.

    Allow our skilled team to create a lovely and useful culinary area in your home. The kitchen is the home’s heart and is the busiest and most important area. Whether it’s the children doing homework as their mum or dad cooks dinner or getting a late-night snack, you need to have a kitchen area that is comfortable, attractive, and functional. No matter what occasion you have, your custom kitchen should give an open and inviting feel to everyone who comes to your home.

    We have years of experience in comprehensive dream Newcastle kitchen renovations and minor updates. During a kitchen makeover, you can invest in a new floor, new appliances and upgrade the countertops and cabinets. Australian Construction provides traditional kitchens featuring a timeless look or a modern kitchen with bold designs. Our experience helps our clients to make their dream kitchens come to life. We streamline your concepts to form a perfect renovating experience for your requirements.

    Modern kitchens

    Being a premier modern kitchen renovating firm in Newcastle has allowed us to work on numerous homes. We have clients who request specific styles of products. One popular request is modern kitchen cabinets. They are in high demand because they present a sleek and trim look and are very functional and adaptable to various lifestyles.

    Modern kitchen benefits

    • It has a significant contrast to appliances.
    • Your kitchen looks modern and sleek.
    • This design easily blends with cabinet accessories.
    • You get a lot of customisable storage.
    • It accepts cabinet accessories readily.

    Renovating your kitchen is a significant investment that involves time and money. However, it is an attractive investment in your home value. We will be happy to help you and your family create the kitchen of your dreams at a cost-effective rate!

    Kitchen designs

    Our Newcastle kitchen renovations contractor aims to turn the kitchen you dream about into a reality. We wish to make this dream come true by following your particular project’s parameters like:

    • Your lifestyle.
    • The available area¬†
    • Your kitchen’s natural light.
    • Your vision.
    • Your kitchen’s flow with the nearby rooms
    • Your lifestyle.
    • Your budget.
    • How the kitchen is integrated into your home from a building perspective

    After exploring all these essential elements, we embark on the design procedure. 

    Choosing Materials

    Backsplash, flooring and cabinets: when we are designing a kitchen, we consider all the above factors and the materials we will use and ensure we remain within your budget. Our skilled team helps you much in this aspect because of their years of renovating experience that allows you when choosing all your new kitchen’s elements. 

    You do not need to visit a hardware shop’s tile aisle. We have forged strong working relationships with the region’s best building materials sellers. We show you a vast range of available resources, and our team perfectly customises your kitchen according to your needs.


    Your kitchen should be resistant to drops, spills, cooking accidents, and foot traffic. It does not just involve looking attractive, but also choosing durable flooring. Looks are essential, but floors play an essential role in the kitchen.

    The best options are:

    • Hardwood because it is soft and beautiful.
    • Tiles are durable and long-lasting.
    • Luxury vinyl plank has a similar look and feels, making it similar to hardwood. However, it is more resistant to high foot traffic, liquids and pets.


    Cabinets are defining elements for your entire kitchen’s visual style and theme. During a kitchen renovating process, the most time-consuming stage is building and installing cabinetry.  You don’t need to use a lot of money to get luxury cabinets with superior features and artistry. We have many fairly-priced options that give you a wide variety of organisational solutions like spice racks and drawers.

    A kitchen renovation contractor utilises our wonderful cabinet designs to make use of the unused area behind the cabinets.  We advise you to use our custom cabinetry for this space. It may be a cloud corner pull-out or an outdated Lazy Susan. 


    Apart from cabinets, countertops also help in defining and setting your kitchen style’s visual tone. We work with you and help you to pick materials that appeal to you, which complement how you utilise your kitchen. Granite is a favourite with kitchen renovators and homeowners like granite. But recently, we are using high-quality quartz products instead of granite, in sophisticated renovations also. They are elegant-looking designs and provide alternatives to granite; however, they are even more stain-resistant and durable.

    Australian Construction Countertop Materials include:

    • Concrete
    • Quartz
    • Stainless steel
    • Laminate
    • Ceramic tile
    • Soapstone
    • Appliances

    The particular appliances you prefer significantly shapes your kitchen design. You can accommodate various oversized devices if you make plans for them from start to finish of the design procedure. Consider these appliances:

    • Sink
    • Cooktop
    • Oven
    • Microwave
    • Refrigerator
    • Dishwasher
    • Range Hood

    Each kitchen renovation project is different. The cost depends on the space size, whether we will need to knock down walls, the type of materials we will use, backsplash and the kinds of appliances you want. A licensed expert from Australian Construction gives you a detailed estimate after our team inspects your space. Our team’s vast experience gives them an intricate understanding of how much your dream kitchen will cost.


    Our team considers all the above before starting your kitchen remodel. We give you suggestions on your remodel project and relieve you of some of the stress involved when making these significant decisions. We work with you throughout the procedure. Australian Construction assists you in all the stages of renovating your kitchen area. Give us an idea and budget, and we will start immediately!

      We have the experience, workforce and skills to make your dream kitchen become a reality!