Luxury Kitchen Renovations In Perth | 15 Years Experience

Perth Kitchen Renovations

Perth Kitchen Renovations

    Australian Construction has completed many awesome kitchen renovations. We have established ourselves as a leader in designing and constructing high-quality kitchens in Perth. Since our kitchen renovations contractor in Perth has a team of designers and builders, we can envision and implement the most challenging and creative kitchen concepts.

    We are different from many others who are specialists in only one of these sectors. Our competent team explores each given space’s full potential. Our exceptional kitchen designs combine functionality with spectacular design elements, creating a personalised solution for you and your residence.

    Why kitchen design and layout is essential

    Your kitchen has a functional purpose; however, we know that we should design it with other considerations other than accessibility. Another vital aspect to think of is the general impact on your home appearance.  

    Contemporary home designs are still best for open plan living and work to easily incorporate the kitchen with other areas that comprise the main living area. You may be entertaining or cooking dinner and discussing how you spent the day; whatever the case, your kitchen is mainly your home centrepiece.

    Your kitchen design should make the correct statement, match your existing décor or give your kitchen and entire living space a refreshing appearance. Its textures and colours and use of the area ultimately define your home’s style and mood.

    Choose Australian Construction for the ideal kitchen.

    For every kitchen renovation we handle, it is a lot more than a business deal. Our skilled team truly enjoys working with our customers and appreciates the chance to implement our artistry to the formation of lovely areas. We greatly admire interior design consisting of elaborate detail and derive significant pleasure in honing a design’s detail until we complete it perfectly. Our award-winning dedication to customer service supports our dedication to our skill. The kitchen renovations contractor we have in Perth works professionally throughout the whole renovation process period. We communicate with you all through. 

    During the construction phase, we handpick each tradesperson and specialist handling your Perth kitchen renovation project. We ensure that everyone entering your residence respects your area and works carefully to avoid disruptions to your everyday life. Additionally, Australian Construction is a fully qualified and licensed builder.

    Kitchen design and renovation procedure

    All our renovations start with visiting your home for an initial consultation. Our expert designers assess your existing kitchen and the area we need to work with, as you tell us how you envision your home to be. After this, our builders and designers will conceptualise your kitchen’s design while considering how you will use the area and space potential and how the design will affect your general living area.

    After we have checked all the creative aspects, we compile a proposal and present it to you. It illustrates each aspect of your kitchen design. We specify the cost and type of all lighting benchtops, fixtures, appliances, cabinets and more. It gives you a complete comprehension of what your renovation will entail.

    After your proposal’s approval, the kitchen renovations contractor we have in Perth starts the construction stage and gives you the option of remaining at home or leaving the premises temporarily while the work continues. Our team is proud to work efficiently to provide outstanding results and can carry out the whole renovation procedure from design to finish within three months.

    Modern-style kitchens

    What keeps your kitchen modern, apart from the newest gadgetry and contraptions? The answer is a smooth transition from a kitchen to a living space mainly using a modern benchtop. Extending the bench a bit more and using some stools gives you the ideal casual eating corner. 

    • Wooden cabinets and polished stone benches look wonderful together. 
    • A combination of light or white marbled stone stainless steel sinks makes your kitchen stand out if you use hanging pendant feature lights with them.
    • Simplicity is still popular; so, elegant under-bench storage and cabinetry give your kitchen an elevated, open sensation. 

    It is easier to fit out small kitchens today because most of us reside in them. Talk to our Perth kitchen renovations contractor about unique storage techniques like split drawer dishwaters and swing-out corner cupboards.

    We follow your budget.

    All the steps we take to give you a modern kitchen design should not cost you a fortune. Our team designs a bespoke contemporary kitchen in Perth, and you can have the newest kitchen installation to match your home, lifestyle and budget. Call our team today to find out how!

    Country-style kitchens

    The Australian Construction country-style kitchen structures are still popular. Our team uses the design procedure to give you an old-fashioned appeal of the country with new must-have extras. This design is flexible, and you can pick from:

    • Cabinetry and timber benchtops warmth.
    • Natural textures like lace curtains if you prefer.
    • Standard country-style experience, like open shelving and plate racks for ornaments and jars.

    All of these are affordable. Check your budget, and we will advise you the country-style kitchen design that matches it.

    Custom Kitchen Designs

    Our custom kitchen designs are essential to cater to your family’s requirements. We are always happy to experience the ingenuity of our custom customers. From unique cabinets floor plans that need to meet a specific need, you tell our able team what you want. We set up cabinetry we have built to the highest standards. You can pick from a wide variety of finishes.  

    Our splashbacks are famous in geometric tiles nowadays, or you can choose a bright splash of colour to create your signature move. Remember the lighting, as kitchens need a significant amount of lighting, and we have various methods of setting the mood while making your custom kitchen safe.


    We appreciate the uniqueness of every kitchen, and we treat your remodelling project accordingly. Our ultimate goal is to create the ideal design for your budget. Our kitchen renovations contractor in Perth has an in-house, professional interior kitchen designer with years of experience. We create the most attractive design that portrays your personality and your home in the best way possible.

      Get in touch with us today through email or phone. We will be pleased to handle your kitchen renovations!