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Port Macquarie Kitchen Renovations

Port Macquarie Kitchen Renovations

    Australian Construction has a wide range of renovating services. For example, we provide affordable kitchen renovations in Port Macquarie. Our services are available for residential and commercial premises. Moreover, our skilled team works expertly. Hence you avoid a messy and slow renovation.

    We have various colours and finishes. For this reason, your design ideas become a reality. White is popular due to its appeal. However, we have many other options for you. Our team can match a deluxe hue to suit your premise or home. We provide matt, satin or high gloss finish. 

    For benchtops and vanities, we use the loveliness of stone. Our granite products are beautiful. Moreover, they conceal any faults on the surface. The reason is it provides a specked and tone-to tone impact. Therefore it results in a durable surface. Because of this, your vanity or benchtop looks terrific for years.

    Renovating and modernising your kitchen

    Australian Construction saves you cash for kitchen renovations in Port Macquarie. You don’t need to replace your kitchen panels or kitchen doors. Our team of experts cleans, repairs and prepares kitchen panels and doors. Additionally, they spray these kitchen parts with a satin or gloss finish. Also, we use the colour you choose. We resurface your kitchen splashback using gloss. As a result, you do not need to scrub grout lines and grease out. 

    Kitchen designs

    Our qualified team does not use guesswork when it comes to designing. Despite what our renovation project entails, we use 3D. Consequently, we show you the end product before we build it. We offer you a consultation meeting so we can find out your ideas. After that, we create a design that surpasses your expectations!

    Our technology enables you to view the floor and design plans. For example, you can see windows placement, appliances and doors. We work according to your precise measurements. If required, we source appliances for you. In addition, we liaise with our electricians and plumbers on your behalf. Because of this, your kitchen project remains on schedule. Each of our designs meets the NSW industry legislation and standards. 

    Kitchen cabinets

    In Port Macquarie, we are top cabinetmakers. We provide top-quality customised joinery and cabinetry for commercial and residential premises. We not only supply but also install kitchen cabinets.

    Kitchen builds

    Our team builds all cabinetry according to your specifications. We are proud of all our products’ superior finish. We utilise top-notch software, machinery, and technology. Due to this, we meet the exact standards before installing in your office or home. 

    Quartz countertops

    Quartz is a strong material for building beautiful countertops. Given this, it has become trendy. This engineered stone countertop consists of 90% ground quartz. It also has 8-10 polymers and resins. Additionally, it has other substances that make it durable. We have them in numerous colours.

    Uses of quartz countertops

    You can use quartz in the kitchen in various ways, such as:

    • An area for cooking preparation.
    • It is best for keeping cooking appliances.
    • These countertops are appropriate for snacking and breakfast.
    • You can use it as your kids’ crafts and homework area.
    • As a cupboard beneath the countertop, they are ideal for storage.


    Most of us have challenges in kitchen renovation and design. It would help if you made your kitchen look beautiful, modern and healthy. However, it is hard to get the right things at the right time. But, do not worry because Australian Construction will help you. We are experienced in the kitchen renovation and design that you need. Furthermore, we focus on key elements like colour selection, valves and handles. Also, we consider kitchen cabinet selection and faucets. 

      So for your ideal kitchen renovations in Port Macquarie, call us today!