Professional Kitchen Renovations On The Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Kitchen Renovations

Sunshine Coast Kitchen Renovations

    All our Australian Construction kitchen installations are made-to-measure. Also, they consist of handcrafted materials. It depends on your unique style and space. When you call us for kitchen renovations on the Sunshine Coast, we talk in details about your precise wishes. Moreover, our experts schedule a time to analyse the plans thoroughly before beginning any work.

    We provide stone benchtops created from superior materials that include stone, granite, recycled glass and quartz. These benchtops are all non-porous and have sophisticated technology. Because of this, they last many years. Our company undertakes large and small kitchen renovation works. 

    Additionally, we provide unique solutions for your kitchen renovations. For example, we overlay new material on existing material. Previously it was hard to modernise your kitchen. However, we can show you how! 

    More importantly, we help our clients to save money. You may be redoing your entire kitchen or one of its sections. Notwithstanding, we have the services and materials you require. For this reason, trust Australian Construction to do the job right!

    Door styles and materials

    We have durable doors available in different materials. Therefore you can pick the best fit for your kitchen style. Our experts can show you samples to help you in deciding. Similarly, to match your selected door material, you can choose from various door styles. 

    Do you want a smooth modern finish for your kitchen renovations on the Sunshine Coast? Or do you want a traditional routered door front? Under these circumstances, we offer various door panel designs to match your kitchen. For example, we have:

    • Evolution range finishes
    • Bevel edge door finishes
    • Routered door designs
    • Melamine board finishes

    Kitchen facelift

    Australian Construction undertakes kitchen renovations. Because of this, we provide superior and cost-effective kitchen renovations. More importantly, we do this with minimal interruption to your home. We have remarkable kitchen renovations. Given this, your kitchen gets a brand new look. In other words, you do not need an entire remodel.

    Kitchen renovations

    Our skilled team uses most of your present kitchen structure. We then replace your handles and benchtops. Additionally, we replace splashbacks and doors. Consequently, we give you an entirely new kitchen at minimal cost! A kitchen renovation gives you a new kitchen fast with less hassle. 

    Replacements we carry out in kitchen renovations

    Our kitchen renovations on the Sunshine Coast enable you to have the exact kitchen you want. We replace or include:

    • Benchtops
    • Cabinets
    • Handles
    • Kitchen panels & doors
    • Splashback
    • Space & storage-saving solutions

    Do you need a kitchen renovation?

    You might be satisfied with your kitchen structure and layout. However, you want it to have a new fresh design. In this case, the best option is to renovate. We are happy to give you an obligation free consultation. Our team gives you all the necessary information. Because of this, you can choose the kitchen renovation that suits you. 

    The kitchen renovation procedure

    First, your Australian Construction designer advises you which sections of your kitchen need upgrading. Because of this, we work with you to determine what needs replacement and what remains. After this, we install your new kitchen features fast and efficiently. Therefore you will enjoy the new kitchen you have always dreamt of in no time!


    At Australian Construction, we specialise in new kitchen fit-outs. Moreover, we provide fantastic kitchen renovations. Our team works closely with our clients. Due to this, we understand your precise needs. 

    We provide a lovely new look that is not only genuinely affordable but also superior quality. We utilise highly qualified installers and premium products. For this reason, our clients benefit from the kitchen of their dreams at an affordable price!

      It will be our pleasure to serve you today!