Stylish & Sophisticated Kitchen Renovations In Sydney

Sydney Kitchen Renovations

Sydney Kitchen Renovations

    Your kitchen renovation should impress. With an Australian Construction kitchen, you and your visitors will have fun in your newly renovated kitchen. Our kitchen renovations contractor in Sydney creates it just as you imagined, over a casual gathering or a home-cooked meal. Whether you enjoy entertaining or are a passionate cook, we will reflect your style with our bathrooms. Our skilled team of kitchen designers will visit your home to find out your tastes, personality, and style, designing the kitchen you dream of.

    We ensure that your kitchen matches the other spaces in your home, whatever style you want. We have a detailed discussion about your kitchen needs at your home and suggest suitable accessories for your design. Australian Construction is an innovative kitchen company in Sydney, and we guarantee we can provide highly efficient and comfortable designs.

    Complete trade work 

    Our team takes care of all your kitchen renovation requirements, from beginning to end, such as handling associated trade work to restore your kitchen’s functioning. Our skilled tradespeople work with your construction contractor if needed or manage the construction works for you.

    Kitchen construction and installation

    The kitchen renovations contractor we have in Sydney completes your work at all stages from designing your kitchen to building cabinets and installation. We have quality cabinetry created in our factory, so we have total control over all your kitchen renovation steps. Also, our team project manages the installation procedure for your convenience. 

    Luxury Kitchens

    Luxury kitchens exude a wow factor! It may have one outstanding feature like integrated ovens and appliances on an entire wall or a jumbo sophisticated island bench or the full effect of each of the excellent design components. No matter the design, we promise it will leave your visitors captivated when they enter the kitchen, and they will talk about it long after they have gone! 

    Polyurethane Kitchens

    Polyurethane is a highly robust, scratch-resistant, and firm paint surface that we mainly use in modern and traditional kitchen designs. Our polyurethane kitchens give you various colours, and you can pick the colour that matches your kitchen décor impeccably.

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    Polyurethane kitchens are available in any colour you like, and this makes polyurethane kitchens stand out from other kitchen designs. Australian Construction has polyurethane kitchens in different finishes like matt, gloss, and satin.

    Polyurethane’s main benefit is that you can clean its surface easily, making your kitchen low maintenance. All you need is a slightly wet cloth to wipe the kitchen cupboards to eliminate most of the stains. Our team ensures that the paint on your recent polyurethane kitchen matches. It makes the kitchen intermingle collectively with your existing furniture. 

    For polyurethane kitchens, stone or composite kitchen benchtops look lovely.  Professionals like us regard polyurethane highly because it has a superior finish for furniture and kitchens.

    Below are the critical advantages of polyurethane:

    • It is easy to repair or mend.
    • It is long-lasting and robust.
    • You have various colour options to choose from.
    • You are free to choose from matt, gloss and satin finishes.

    Ideas for Luxury kitchen design

    People’s ideas for luxury kitchen are different. Every client who approaches us at Australian Construction has personal preferences, and our team works to set up a sophisticated luxury kitchen to meet their distinctive wishes. It is their unique luxury idea, and it would not suit another person. 

    We highly personalise our luxury kitchens to meet the homeowner’s requirements and preferences. Furthermore, our cabinet-maker handcrafts tailor-made cabinetry, and we extend this customisation to your kitchen fittings and appliances.

    Visit or call our kitchen renovations contractor for your next luxury kitchen renovation project in Sydney.

    Small Budget Kitchen

    It can be challenging to create a modern and practical design; everything can make a small cooking space bigger, for instance, colour choices and cabinetry styles. Most of the contemporary small kitchen renovations merge imaginative small kitchen renovation concepts and the latest space-saving appliances technology.

    With Australian Construction broad experience, our team can help you acquire lovely and highly efficient kitchen designs cost-effectively in Sydney. We have semi-renovations options also. Our skilled team can also source superior materials to match your existing kitchen design.

    Small kitchen design concepts

    Small kitchens need some clever design concepts to make them trendy, highly functional and convenient. We use various simple steps to change your small kitchen to a stylish and practical area. The kitchen renovations contractor we have in Sydney has particular kitchen designs for small spaces that work more effectively for small areas. We also have numerous methods to make your small apartment kitchen style feel spacious.

    You can choose from our small L-shaped and U-shaped kitchen designs, as they are lovely for your small kitchen space. Our team is highly experienced in design.  They discuss the options you have, like the existing and possible plumbing situation, finishes types, alternative hardware and material options, etc. It allows you many budget scenarios and access to insightful ideas to reduce costs.

    Ready-made kitchens

    Brand new DIY (do it yourself) kitchen are personal modular car-cases or cabinet you can move around to conform to the shape and size you need. For example, the kitchen need does not have to be displayed as it appears in the layout or picture. 

    For instance, the U shape kitchen interior part measures 3000mm, and you can reduce the kitchen size by 2600mm by merely shifting the 400mm bottom cupboard and setting it in a different location. All you need is to change the kickboard sizes to match.

    Our team assembles each modular and the doors are ready on and simple to remove when required. We manufacture DIY kitchens with 16 mm MR strong sides, 16mm MR solid backs, German-manufactured hinges, metal drawer runners and clip on and clip off.


    Please visit our kitchen renovations contractor situated in Sydney.  Our friendly sales assistants will be pleased to formulate a suitable design and cost for you. Remember we manufacture these proudly Australian-made items. 

      Whether you need ready-made L-shape or U-shape kitchens, Australian Construction kitchens have it all!