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Townsville Kitchen Renovations

Townsville Kitchen Renovations

    At Australian Construction, we handle the entire kitchen renovation procedure. Our kitchen contractor in Townsville designs, re-installs, sets up new cabinets and undertakes simple remodelling. Therefore, it saves you the trouble of calling various renovations or construction companies trying to combine different trades to complete your entire renovation. 

    Our team adheres to the highest building codes for all our kitchen renovation services. For this reason, we are continuously recommended in Townsville and its nearby areas for kitchen renovations.

    Importance of kitchen renovations

    Our kitchen renovation services are in high demand in Townsville. The kitchen is different from other areas, and homeowners want their kitchen to have a modern appearance. We believe that your kitchen should entail more than a cooking area and is the reason we ensure the kitchen is high-quality and functional with our renovations.

    People may ignore the design of simple fixtures like shelves, drawers, and kitchen cabinets. But, these are crucial elements for your kitchen appeal. When our kitchen renovation contractor is renovating, they consider these sections as collection storage for your gadgets. Our skilled team designs long-lasting parts to match your wishes and your kitchen appeal.

    Kitchen cabinets

    It may be cheaper for you to fill your kitchen area with cabinets. However, it does not enhance your kitchen at all. It would be best if you got our custom cabinetry that our kitchen renovation experts design. At Australian Construction, we appreciate that strong cabinetry is any kitchen’s key area and we give you numerous choices to remodel your kitchen cabinets. Whether you need total cabinet replacement, refinishing, or re-facing, we have professionals to provide you with your desired appeal. 

    Our experts design durable cabinets, and we prefer utilising plywood instead of particleboard. We use dovetailing or dowels instead of hiding and gluing the seams beneath the mounts. Our kitchen cabinets are superior, and we are proud to offer you great artistry, which is unavailable elsewhere. We only use skilled carpenters in Townsville to carry out our kitchen renovations.


    To enjoy the time you spend in your kitchen, you should change your countertops’ height to suit your style and the kitchen’s functionality. Our professionals ensure they use dashes of fashion and the sector’s newest trends to make your kitchen pleasurable. The kitchen renovation contractor in Townsville only uses the best fixtures and building materials like Moen and Kohler.


    Your kitchen faucets and cabinets may seem strong now; however, they eventually become weak because of constant use in the home. Therefore, do not sacrifice artistry for discount costs regarding such areas. At Australian Construction, we have experienced and competent carpenters to give you durable faucets.

    Finishing touches

    We also give you a wide variety of options when it comes to finishing touches and wood choice. Whatever you need, we ensure your kitchen cabinets are from domestic or local hardwoods, to make them resistant to the impacts of the climatic condition in Townsville.

    We aim to ensure that you pick from a customised choice of hardware, style and wood and we also ensure we give you a finish that turns your kitchen into the functional and beautiful area you have always wanted. You need not be concerned about how your kitchen renovation will impact the environment, so long as you pick and work with a dependable kitchen renovation contractor.

    Whether you want the kitchen renovation to give you more space or increase your home’s value, or want a change, our renovation services will meet your needs. Please give us the chance to provide you with an exceptional style that will not bore you for years to come. All you have to do is give us your budget, and we will follow it and help you pick the ideal materials available.

    You may consider kitchen cabinets to be boxes with drawers, doors, and shelves designed for hiding clutter and provide storage for your increasing gadgets collection; however, they are an essential part of your kitchen’s attraction.  Furniture is part of your kitchen cabinetry, so we construct it to last and design it with you in mind. 

    Quality kitchen renovations materials

    Cheap cabinets will not give you the value you want. Our kitchen renovation contractor is an expert that offers you benefits that lack in pre-fabricated boxes. The best aspect about choosing our kitchen renovations service is that you have the chance to work with a skilled carpenter to select the features that fit your family best.

    If you want, we can adjust your countertops’ heights and choose unique cabinet combinations and drawers, making it easy and efficient to work in your kitchen.  Our proficient team is always aware of the newest industry trends, ensuring that our clients always get the best. Our team’s skilled carpenters are proud of our work and always utilises superior materials because we believe tailor-made kitchens should look lovely. 

    Onsite consultation

    • Our team meets onsite with you to discuss the plans you have for your kitchen. We get sufficient information to enable our team to tailor your kitchen design, giving you the best investment value.
    • Is your kitchen a rental property or owner-occupied? A rental property might need standards fittings. On the other hand, if your home is owner-occupied, it might require stone or oven benchtops or an additional storage area.
    • We discuss your budget to give you what you want at an affordable cost.
    • If you need our help in choosing a style, electrical appliances, colours or tiles we will help.
    • We set up an appropriate renovation time frame and stick to it from start to finish.


    If you are concerned about how your kitchen renovations project in Townsville will affect the local economy or environment, you need not worry. Starting a project like this in this city is simple when you work with our local carpenters. Hiring local tradespeople to work on your kitchen means you are giving back to society directly.

    We give you a wide variety of options regarding wood and finishing. Therefore, you have the guarantee that we make your cabinets from domestic or local hardwoods. So, it decreases the impact your project has on the surrounding.  

      We let you choose a customised choice of style, hardware, finish, and wood, turning it into the attractive and functional area you always wished for!