Lovely Kitchen Renovations In Wollongong From Aus Construction

Wollongong Kitchen Renovations

Wollongong Kitchen Renovations

    A kitchen renovation does not just involve refreshing a worn out area. Instead, it entails creating a lifestyle change. Because of this, it restores happiness in your home. Australian Construction custom designs your kitchen. We perform kitchen renovations in Wollongong to give you a new kitchen that makes you excited about entertaining!

    The kitchen is the most used room in the home. For this reason, before we begin our design process, we find out your requirements. Every person has their concepts about the kitchen they envision. With this in mind, we design it according to your wishes. Therefore we provide a perfect kitchen!

    Our team offers know-how in design, manufacture and installation. Because of this, they complete the project successfully from beginning to end. We remain updated with the newest trends in contemporary, transitional and traditional styles. We give our clients a highly experienced and educated team of designers. As a result, they give you top-notch designs in the sector.

    Kitchen renovations in Wollongong

    At Australian Construction, we consider your imagination and needs. Then we offer you our high skills in design, manufacture and installation. Our kitchen renovations are fantastic. So, you should consult our designers to find out the possibilities we have for your investment. 

    We have expert designers who incorporate your requirements according to what you want. Furthermore, we implement this in new builds and renovations. Our company specialises in custom cabinetry for commercial and residential kitchens. We offer the best in function and form for outdoor and indoor kitchens.

    Built-in wardrobes and custom joinery

    Australian Construction has unique craftsmanship. Additionally, we put attention and care into all our projects. Because of this, we are believed to be the best experts for custom joinery throughout Wollongong. Our team works closely with our clients, and they can create everything. For example, they build cabinets, cupboards and built-in wardrobes.

    Unique solutions

    We have friendly and experienced designers. They work with you and create a kitchen that suits your budget, lifestyle and needs. Moreover, we use the newest computer-aided design (CAD) technologies as well as hand sketches. We then advise you of your options. Consequently, we create a 3D design of your model kitchen.

    Custom builds

    Our workshop is state of the art, so we manufacture all our joinery in-house to our optimal standards. Because of this, we give your home a full refurbish. More importantly, we make it elegant! We give our clients the chance to view their kitchen while in our workshop before installation. Given this, we give you the ideal outcome. 

    Specialised Fit out

    Australian Construction has also worked with numerous reputable firms. Our services have extended to the area’s signature structures and commercial projects. We are experienced in installing and manufacturing shop fittings in nearly all industries. Because of this, we offer your business a total refurbish. We also do this with an elegant touch!

    Popular types of the kitchen we provide 

    Our kitchen range includes a parallel kitchen, island kitchen, U-shape kitchen, L-shape kitchen and peninsula kitchen.

    L-shape kitchen

    This type of kitchen is among the most common designs today. The reason is it suits any home. The L-shape has two vertical walls that meet in a corner utilised for kitchen space. These walls have appliances and cabinets essential to make your kitchen layout a functional area. Our L-shape kitchen is ideal for open concept home designs.  Here the kitchen layout blends into the other living area.


    You might be hosting visitors or simply eating breakfast. Whatever the case, you should enjoy the view of your professionally installed cabinets! Do you want to include some style notes in your existing kitchen? Or do you want to knock it all down and begin afresh? Notwithstanding, we offer the service, experience and support to compete for the job.

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