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Adelaide Land Clearing Contractor

Adelaide Land Clearing Contractor

    Does your garden look untidy and require expert maintenance? Do you have a public landscape that requires some expert attention? Our land clearing contractor in Adelaide maintains your vegetation and trees throughout Adelaide.

    Australian Construction improves your outdoor appearance and ensures your gardens’ safety for your employees, families and the public. Our company is dedicated to providing quality tree maintenance services at affordable costs.

    Tree removal services

    Australian Construction has vast experience in professional tree and garden maintenance. Whatever the project’s size, our competent team can handle it. Our team consists of skilled arborists who are qualified in all elements of tree management. We handle your tree felling, pruning, cutting, lopping, stump grinding and dead wooding needs. Allow us to remove harmful trees, prune the healthy ones and prolong their lives using our professional tree maintenance services.

    Tree Lopping

    We have a land clearing contractor in Adelaide who recommends that your trees be lopped and pruned often to avoid the danger of falling branches. Before we begin, our arborists scrutinise your tree checking its features like size, shape, condition and tree species. 

    When working on lopping, our team cuts tree parts such as diseased, damaged and dead branches at the branch corner, while the branch collar remains intact.  You can be at peace, knowing that we will not carry out flush cuts whatever the circumstances.

    Our skilled team uses slings and ropes to meticulously lower all big limbs, preventing the tree and its surroundings from getting damaged.  We assess them carefully before we prune or remove crossed rubbing branches correctly and at all times, making sure that we keep an overall fair shape.

    Tree pruning

    Tree pruning is essential for various reasons:

    • It is interfering with buildings, wires, roofs, gutters, windows, chimneys, sidewalks or trees.
    • Weak or dead limbs are dangerous and might trigger decay.
    • Limbs might be infected with insects or diseases.
    • Reduce wind resistance and decrease the possibility of storm damage.
    • Longing for more light penetration.
    • Thinning the crown to encourage air circulation and prevent pathogens spread, facilitating new growth.
    • Decrease the tree’s height or raise the canopy.
    • Enhance the general silhouette or shape.

    Palm Tree Removal

    Do not ignore the possible damage that trees can cause. At Australian Construction, we appreciate that trees are crucial to environmental health, and we take every action to save them. We help our customers to decide whether to keep or remove trees. Our team determines the problems concerned to facilitate a more straightforward decision-making process. 

    Our years of experience in the sector ensure we use a professional and safe approach to all elements of your commercial and domestic tree removal requirements. Our tree lopping arborists care about your trees’ future health. The arborists are professional tree surgeons offering tree surgery and tree removal services throughout Adelaide and the nearby areas.

    We are leaders in tree surgery, removal and maintenance, and we aim to surpass all our customers’ expectations. We are proud to provide superior tree surgery services 24/7.

    Staff training

    The Australian Construction friendly team undergoes continuous development and training. It ensures we remain updated with industry standards and the newest equipment. We treat all trees with respect, whether the trees are a liability or asset to your commercial or residential property. Our skilled arborists can recognise signs of disease, storm damage, decay, rot and possible dangers to you and your property.

    Tree removal regulations in Adelaide

    Regulated, protected, and significant trees will need some analysis and council approval before removal. It is crucial to note that on 24 November 2011, new regulations were implemented. So, it is advisable to know these new rules. A regulated tree describes one whose circumference is two metres or more, measured at one meter from the surface.

    A significant tree has three metres or more trunk circumference measured at a similar height. There are exceptions for specific trees or species in particular locations. In case you are uncertain which category your tree falls seek a professional assessment from our land clearing contractor in Adelaide.

    Fully Equipped Company

    Australian Construction is a leading choice for expert tree services for businesses and homes in Adelaide, throughout western, southern, northern and eastern suburbs.  We have a qualified team of technicians with a comprehensive range of equipment. They work on large and small projects easily and provide skilled artistry.

    Our customer is always our top priority, and our strong core values of reliability and customer satisfaction have made us Adelaide’s partner of choice for tree removal and maintenance services. You can entrust the land clearing contractor we work with within Adelaide to give you quality services for clearing lots, removing stumps, caring for brush clippings, etc. and all tree removal projects. We go the extra mile to give our customers exceptional services.

    Affordable and quick stump removal

    At Australian Construction, we offer complete tree removal services, and our specialist team can help you with stump removal on your properties in Adelaide and its environs. Our team removes all indications of your existing stumps, giving you a clean and damage-free area.

    Efficient removal and stump grinding services

    Australian Construction stump removal services include removing your stumps and any tree’s ground roots. Roots and stumps can be removed easily using a stump grinder if necessary or hand tools. Stump grinding involves removing the stump to a particular depth, mainly between 150m and 300 m.

    After finishing the stump removal procedure, our team back-fills the residual hole with grinding waste or soil, leaving a hazard-free, level surface. Let us know if you wish to retain the residual stump chippings for mulching. If you want any suggestions about your tree’s wellbeing or any of our other brilliant services, contact us to set up an on-site consultation.


    Australian Construction provides expert service to all clients in Adelaide and the larger South Australian regional parts. Whether our team is clearing one block for a new build, new road constructions or big acreage for a developer we have you covered. We have vast knowledge in this area, making us a leader among our competitors.

      If you want to clear your land or yard and clean up in the Adelaide region, call us today for a free quote.