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Brisbane Land Clearing Contractor

Brisbane Land Clearing Contractor

    Where lopping or tree pruning is concerned, our land clearing contractor in Brisbane delivers superior quality and cost-effective work to suit your needs. Australian Construction has highly qualified and skilled arborists who can prune the most challenging and unkempt areas. Our tree experience in this industry spans many years, and we have developed new skills and technology.

    Our company strictly complies with the Australian Standards Guidelines ensuring that our team uses the correct tree pruning methods. Every project we undertake is guaranteed to get optimum diligence and care for the safety and maintenance of your tree’s long, healthy life.

    Residential emergency Tree Response

    Have you lopped or pruned your trees of late? Perhaps it’s time to do it! The stormy weather hits Brisbane each year, and it is crucial to keep your yard always tidy, clean and safe from harming people nearby. Australian Construction can help you in pruning your trees, putting them in good condition. Our skilled team can also help you in land clearing if required to ensure preparation and safety for stormy weather.

    In case an emergency has already hit you, and you need fast and thorough cleanup, Australian Construction is available to help you. Our professional company is comprehensively insured for personal, and property damage and you have peace of mind as we handle the dangerous work at hand. 

    All the tree surgeons at Australian Construction are highly qualified and trained arborists. Our team follows stringent protocols when handling emergencies ensuring our workers’ wellbeing and safety and the ones near us.

    Land Clearing Services

    Australian Construction has vast land clearing experience. We are experts where land clearing in Brisbane is concerned. We are proud to be among the top professionals in the tree services sector, and we rank among the oldest local firms to serve our Australian communities. Brisbane’s land clearing contractor covers commercial and residential land clearing. We handle big and small jobs expertly.

    Residential land clearing

    Australian Construction provides a wholesome solution for residential property homeowners land clearing to develop their property further. Whether you want to increase the space in the yard, build a pool, extend your home or something exceptional, our expert team will help you get your dream home.  

    We have a team of highly qualified and skilled tree surgeons and competent arborists with many years of land clearing experience. Our land clearing contractor in Brisbane offers custom solutions depending on your particular requirements. We aim to give you an affordable and efficient outcome that meets your expectations.

    We have a job and client satisfaction guarantee that has always been a success, so we are sure we will meet your needs as we tidy your property’s land the way you want.

    Commercial Tree Services

    Australian Construction offers top-notch quality of commercial tree services in Brisbane. Supported by highly qualified and trained arborists and sophisticated art tools and machinery, we do the job efficiently and safely and provide excellent results.

    Our vast field experience has enabled us to expand and become a leader among commercial tree services firms throughout Australia. Our team’s experience makes them well conversant with their work, and they are masters of their trade. Australian Construction values its commercial customers, and our objective is creating long-term relationships that are affordable for our local community in Brisbane.

    Our regular and ongoing commercial customers include:

    • Public and private schools
    • Golf courses
    • Local Councils
    • Retirement Villages
    • Civil Work
    • Hospitals
    • Building Contractors
    • Property Developers
    • Real Estate Agents

    Fast project delivery

    At Australian Construction, we are proud of our team’s ability to work competently. The team’s skills and our sophisticated machinery and tools facilitate this. We delegate our resources depending on the urgency, job scope and complexities of every case. 

    Our expertise enables us to clear acres of land in one day, and we guarantee quick delivery of top quality outcomes, despite the size of the project. If you need commercial tree services in Brisbane, our response time is fast because we are situated locally.

    Why Tree Lopping or Tree Pruning is important

    Most people who want to prune or trim a tree use the term tree lopping. Australian Construction does not use this term anymore because a set of regulations has currently been implemented for this service; Australian Standards 4373-2007 ‘Pruning of Amenity Trees.’

    It helps us ensure that we follow the correct processes to remove diseased tree branches, enabling the tree to remain healthy for years.

    Proper pruning is also mainly referred to as tree lopping and is crucial in maintaining your yard for safety and aesthetic reasons. It is an excellent benefit for the ones who want to improve their house’s aesthetic appearance. When you allow Australian Construction to prune an overgrown tree or one that is dangerous to the surroundings, you eliminate the danger of broken limbs or fallen branches.

    Why choose Australian Construction?

    Tree pruning is essential for everyday purposes, and it is very advantageous in preventing destruction that storms and other unexpected natural events cause. If you want expert tree services in Brisbane, Australian Construction is your solution. 

    We assist you in finding out the best method of handling your tree issue. Our firm is founded based on integrity and honesty, and we prioritise your needs all the time. The solutions we recommend are affordable, efficient and practical. To get the job done, we even recommend a cheaper solution.

    We have existed for years and have qualifications and experience.  Unlike most of our competitors, we ensure quality work and provide a customer satisfaction guarantee supported by the appropriate equipment to do the task safely and efficiently.

    Emergency and Storm Response Services

    Do you want the ideal Emergency Tree Response in Brisbane? Australian Construction is excellent in emergency and storm response services in preparation and damage clearing up. Our skilled team works efficiently and diligently, ensuring that they execute the best job to your total satisfaction.

    Our vast experience makes us experts in handling emergencies and stormy weather. After all, we are already specialists in handling difficult and dangerous trees! We are aware of how dangerous weather can be, and we are always prepared to help our local communities to remain alert and clean the mess up.


    It is crucial to hire an experienced and trustworthy expert land clearing contractor like Australian Construction. Our company boasts years of experience, using all the essential specialised equipment to do the job using an environmentally friendly method efficiently.

      Do not hesitate to call us today for your land clearing requirements!