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Bunbury Land Clearing Contractor

Bunbury Land Clearing Contractor

    Australian Construction provides lot and land clearing services. Therefore, we eliminate ugly stumps and dead branches. Moreover, we get rid of entire trees. Because of this, homeowners can concentrate on their latest construction project. To start a new building project, you need an expert land clearing contractor in Bunbury. A clear lot is essential for beautifying or renovating the yard.

    Given this, we offer land and lot clearing solutions. Furthermore, we clear your property of trees, stumps and shrubs. Experts like Australian Construction handle your specific property’s requirements. But, more importantly, we work with minimal damage or impact on the land.

    First, our arborists grind down stumps; then, they remove any dying or dead trees. After this, they uproot plants with precision. We are thorough and experienced. Because of this, we ensure we do not leave any shallow roots. As a result, construction becomes easy. So call us today and find out about our unique land clearing services.

    Brush and land clearing

    Our land clearing contractor in Bunbury ensures that environmental impact is minimal during and clearing. Because of this, we use specialised equipment to eliminate using burning or chemicals. In addition, we leave a brush coating on the ground to provide mulch. Consequently, the mulch offers nutritional enrichment and soil aeration.

    Commercial construction projects

    Land clearing

    Clearing land is challenging. It mainly involves big heavy equipment. Often we need to tear out trees and brushes from the ground. As a result, it creates space for a building or home. Moreover, it makes room for a parking lot, driveway or another commercial establishment. Not only does the work need commercial-grade chain saws but also safety equipment.  Working without the appropriate tools and safety equipment is dangerous. Similarly, not using the best techniques is risky.

    Clearing trees for site preparation

    If your land has big and old trees, it is hard to remove them. On the other hand, it is worth retaining some native trees. It would be best if you had the technology and workforce to clear trees. Moreover, it is vital to make informed decisions about the trees that are worth saving. Likewise, you should know the tree that needs pruning or trimming.

    Lot clearing

    Australian Construction offers labour intensive lot clearing. We remove trees, unwanted growth and scrub brush. In addition, we eliminate unnecessary items likes appliances, tires and other things.

    Debris hauling

    The land clearing contractor in Bunbury removes debris from a property. They haul away rubbish remaining from remodelling. The waste may also result from discarded appliances and broken garden equipment. Our competent team systematically removes debris from gardens, garages, attics and shed.

    As a result, it creates order and tidiness to your home. Our professional debris hauling facilitates the recycling of some material. We also dispose of waste properly, as well as the organic material that needs composting. There are various steps for preparing your land for a task.

    First is tree removal, which is a natural step. However, it would be best if you worked with a tree service firm like Australian Construction. We complete the extra steps and undertake proper land clearing. Consequently, you have an open area for working on your project.

    Root removal

    Trees’ root systems grow underground. Also, they are complex and can spread widely across the lawn. Given this, we do not only cut down trees but also offer services for roots. These are roots that pop up, protrude and spread across the ground. Root removal is a crucial procedure for creating a flat area for construction.


    Australian Construction prepares your land. Because of this, it becomes an ideal site for new construction. We also offer demolition services for existing structures. In addition, we have highly experienced and trained excavating equipment operators. As a result, we clear land efficiently, cost-effectively and on time.

    Contact us today for premium land clearing services in Bunbury!