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Bundaberg Land Clearing Contractor

Bundaberg Land Clearing Contractor

    Australian Construction provides unique lot clearing services. We offer these services to commercial property owners. Moreover, we serve municipalities and residential homeowners. Our land clearing contractor in Bundaberg offers a custom approach to all lot and land clearing services.  Because of this, our clients have complete satisfaction.

    We send a skilled lot clearing expert to inspect your property visually. They assess your property and assist you in making decisions. Given this, they advise you what needs trimming or removal. It depends on your needs. Additionally, we cut roads and trails through hunting camp properties. More importantly, we carry out tree removal correctly and affordably.

    Reasons for land clearing

    Do you have a residential construction project? In that case, before starting, the construction area needs levelling. Additionally, it would be best for you to clear this land of all debris, vegetation and structures. Expert land clearing from Australian Construction is the initial step for the residential projects below:

    • Building a new home
    • Constructing an addition to an existing house
    • Pouring a new sidewalk, driveway or other paved areas
    • Building an access road, right-of-way or utility
    • Repairing existing utilities. It includes sewage, gas lines and plumbing
    • Offering clearance around existing or new construction

    Land clearing work

    Our land clearing contractor in Bundaberg provides different land clearing options. We offer them to residential property owners. It depends on their unique requirements. Furthermore, we offer complete lot clearing and simple debris removal. Our expert land clearing services include:

    • Total lot clearing
    • Soil drainage control
    • Ground levelling
    • Pasture mowing
    • Bush hogging
    • Rock removal
    • Stump removal & grinding
    • Root scraping & raking
    • Hauling services
    • Debris removal
    • Tree removal
    • Underbrush mulching
    • Land surveying

    Work with an expert land clearing firm

    You may wish to carry out all the work on your own. The size of your residential land clearing work determines this. However, even if the area that requires clearing is small, we do not recommend this. Large specialised equipment is essential for efficient and quick removal of brush and trees.

    Also, machinery like excavators or bulldozers is necessary for clearing other vegetation from a residential piece of land. In light of this, you need extensive training for safe operation. You might need to prepare your land for new construction. Or perhaps you require land clearing for landscaping. Under these circumstances, talk to our reliable land clearing contractor in Bundaberg.

    Clearing brush and trees from the land

    In Bundaberg, we are the leading option for residential land clearing. After all, we are fully insured in landscaping and tree care. Because of this, we offer a full range of land clearing services. For example, we provide brush removal services.

    We also undertake stump grinding to prepare lots for construction. Besides, our expert land clearing team has training in operating the latest forestry equipment. As a result, they complete every land clearing work fast and safely. Therefore, work with us for residential land clearing. We guarantee you will benefit from our vast experience!

    Expert tree removal

    Australian Construction has skilled arborists. Hence, they work to sustain the trees’ beauty, health and longevity. Most trees survive for generations. Sadly, they are still prone to insect infestation or disease. In addition, structural failure can shorten their lives. Because of this, it is wise to hire our skilled arborist to cut down your tree. Below are some of the reasons:

    • It prevents likely safety hazards posed by dying, dead or damaged tree limbs or whole trees.
    • To clear the land before new construction, landscaping or utility rights-of-way.
    • It thins out congested wooded areas. Hence it provides extra light and space. As a result, the remaining trees flourish.


    Have you bought some land recently for constructing a new office or home? Under these circumstances, it can be challenging to take care of all the construction elements independently. Before starting, you might require land clearing to obtain a clean and fresh new start.

    For this reason, hire an expert company like Australian Construction. Our skilled team clears whatever you do not need. More importantly, they retain the essential areas of your landscape.

    So contact us today for all your land clearing services in Bundaberg.