Reliable And Fast Land Clearing Contractor In Cairns

Cairns Land Clearing Contractor

Cairns Land Clearing Contractor

    Australian Construction offers efficient and safe service. More importantly, our prices are competitive. We appreciate that your private property is your personal space. Therefore, our land clearing contractor in Cairns delivers our services with care and respect for your property. We hire experienced and qualified staff. Moreover, we are committed to providing excellence in vegetation management and tree management services for our clients in Cairns.

    We aim to offer satisfactory services for our small and large clients. Given this, our team consists of passionate and committed labourers and arborists. Moreover, our staff undergoes training and development. As a result, they provide an effective and safe service to our clients.

    Land clearing description

    Land clearing is also referred to as lot clearing. It involves removing tree stumps, debris and boulders from the property. The aim is to improve the property, development and construction work. You may wish to use your plot of land for hunting or farming. Or perhaps you want to use it for real estate development or other objectives.

    Under these circumstances, land clearing is an ideal method of enlarging your territory. In addition, it enables you to use your land and at the same time preserve the natural surroundings.

    Tree removal

    The land clearing contractor in Cairns uses different techniques for tree removal. It depends on elements like:

    Therefore, if you want removal or felling services call our experts. It ensures you and your property remain safe.

    Tree transplanting

    The transplanting process involves moving a mature tree from one location to another. Our Australian Construction expert team takes meticulous care in the course of the removal and relocation procedure. Because of this, sudden shock and likely consequent death of a tree transplant are reduced. We cable, fertilise and water the trees. Furthermore, after transplanting, we frequently check the trees.

    Tree felling

    There are various reasons for felling trees. This work is dangerous. Due to this, we handle it while considering property and people. We also consider the surrounding environment. Before we begin felling trees we plan carefully. Additionally, we consider other factors like buildings, roads and lines. Our professionals pay attention to all details. So call our land clearing contractor in Cairns now for a free appraisal.

    Clear cutting

    You might need all brush, vegetation or tree removed from a piece of land. Maybe the land is newly purchased. Or perhaps your existing acres has overgrown sections. Under these circumstances, you need an expert like Australian Construction. Clear-cutting is a procedure that involves cutting all the trees in a specific area.

    The most common purpose of this is to clear for a future area or create a view. Clearing land is challenging work. Mainly it involves big, heavy equipment. Because of this, it is vital to choose a firm with the correct equipment. More important, experience in using the equipment is essential.

    Lot clearing

    In any building project, lot clearing is the first step. However, before construction commences, we clear and grade the land. We use the right equipment to clear your land, whatever your reasons. More importantly, our team delivers a great job. Consequently, we give you a plot of land that is ready for your future project.


    At Australian Construction, we are specialists in tree removal and relocation. Given this, we provide domestic and commercial tree removal services. If you want us to handle trees on your premises, call us today. Our expert team completes an inspection.

    Then we offer you the ideal cost-effective management solutions. More importantly, we do not compromise the tree’s wellbeing or health, and our procedures meet the Australian Standards.

    We look forward to providing you with our land clearing services!