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Canberra Land Clearing Contractor

Canberra Land Clearing Contractor

    Do you want to build a new home or renovate it? Or do you wish to have safe and efficient land clearing? In that case, call the professionals at Australian Construction. Our team has the skills and equipment to meet all your land clearing requirements. Furthermore, our land clearing contractor in Canberra removes all stumps and trees.

    More importantly, they work without interfering with the existing building. Because of this, your property is ready for the next stage. We have years of experience. Additionally, we have insurance and are committed to your safety and peace of mind. For this reason, you can hire us confidently.

    Land clearing services

    Comprehensive land clearing services

    The Australian Construction land clearance services involve removing stumps and trees. Also, we clear scrubs like blackberry and tree. Additionally, we offer low impact equipment and plant hole excavation. Our team also undertakes boring as part of our land levelling and clearing services.

    Our land clearing services

    • Clear vegetation, remove and dispose
    • Land levelling
    • Civil earthquakes
    • Stump removal
    • Tree felling and removal
    • Broadacre clearing
    • Vegetation removal
    • Subdivision land clearing
    • Full land clearing services
    • Overgrown trees

    Do you want to make your home brighter? Are there branches hanging over your vehicles, pool, garage or house? In that, the ideal solution is tree trimming.

    High-quality pruning services

    The land clearing contractor in Canberra offers expert tree pruning. Moreover, we give you a service guarantee. As a result, you can rely on us because we have vast experience. Therefore, our qualified tree experts are committed to offering services that surpass your expectations.

    Land clearing around your property

    At Australian Construction, we are land clearing specialists. Besides we have all the correct machinery. Because of this, we work fast and efficiently. Hence we ensure your work is still on track. We are proud to have helped in developing areas near Canberra for years.

    Advantages of land clearing

    Land clearing is essential for land development for:

    • General construction
    • New homes
    • Rural driveways

    On the other hand, you might be searching for a local land clearing company to increase your existing rural property’s usable land. In that case, you can hire us to remove the underbrush type vegetation and leave the main trees.

    Clearing land and reducing vegetation near your property helps in protecting your home from bushfires. You might not need a permit for clearing vegetation and scrub that may cause a bushfire. However, it is wise to consult your local council. Australian Construction ensures we only undertake essential clearing works. As a result, it reduces environmental effects tremendously.

    Why choose us?

    Our land clearing contractor in Canberra endeavours to help the surrounding local communities. Because of this, we offer the most affordable land clearing and earthmoving services. After all, we have the experience and appropriate machinery to provide efficient land clearing solutions.

    Stump grinding

    It takes hours to dig out an aged, ugly tree stump from your yard because it is a complex task. Not only are tree stumps unattractive, but also big and challenging to shift. Moreover, they are an ideal breeding area for unwanted pests like fungi, beetles, termites and ants.

    However, you can have peace of mind because we remove tree stumps fast and easily. So your garden remains lovely and healthy. We provide these services to builders, landscapers and gardeners.


    Dead and fallen trees are very dangerous. So allow the experts at Australian Construction to help in protecting you and your property. For years property owners have relied on us for superior and affordable artistry. We provide free estimates and major discounts. Our services include stump, branch and tree removal.

    Call us today for your land and tree clearing and storm cleanup!