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Coffs Harbour Land Clearing Contractor

Coffs Harbour Land Clearing Contractor

    The experts at Australian Construction clear your land, ensuring it’s ready for your future project. Our land clearing contractor in Coffs Harbour removes brushes and trees. Moreover, we remove debris to facilitate new construction. We have highly trained employees. Because of this, they give you top quality services.

    Our land clearing services include stump and tree removal. Additionally, we clear bushes and remove debris. We can clear almost anything from your residence or premises. More importantly, our team uses a custom approach for every job we perform. These tasks include lot and land clearing. Therefore, we ensure our clients have satisfaction. 

    Debris removal

    At Australian Construction, we provide superior quality debris removal services. We undertake industrial, residential and civil projects. Our clients include:

    • Homeowners
    • Apartment managers
    • Property managers
    • Rental property owners
    • Building contractors

    Furthermore, our land clearing contractor in Coffs Harbour is experienced. In addition, we have a heavy-duty fleet and manpower. Because of this, we serve any civil, residential and commercial debris removal project you require. You might have a small space near your residential home. Or perhaps you have a wide-open field or commercial building you want to develop. Under these circumstances, our team can handle it correctly.

    Australian Construction caters to any civil and industrial needs. Additionally, we handle commercial and residential requirements. Our firm deals with all sized jobs. We offer debris removal services to complement our excavating services. Our expert team excavates and demolishes your commercial or residential building.  We then haul the resultant debris away. Our team is efficient and on schedule, because work cannot begin until we clear the site. Given this, we offer debris removal services for construction debris, brick, and dirt. In addition, we remove brushes, stumps, rock and other materials.

    Rock removal

    Large boulders and rocky areas on your property stop you from enjoying it fully. Because of this, the land clearing contractor in Coffs Harbour uses mechanical equipment. It is a safe technique, and it prevents structural damage to existing structures and utilities. The rock hardness determines the rock removal (excavation of rocks) removal method. Our company has the workforce, heavy-duty fleet and experience to carry out any size rock removal task you require.

    Land levelling

    It is necessary to level your land in preparation for a major addition. For instance, you may want to add a room, garage or another building. For this reason, it is essential to service after excavation.  Also, this service is necessary when selling your home.

    Notwithstanding the existing task or reason, we offer the solution. After all, we have the skill, experience and equipment. So we level your property cost-effectively and safely. We remove excess debris and dirt. Hence, you can begin any extra projects immediately.

    Outdoor cleaning

    The land clearing contractor provides all your outdoor cleaning requirements. We have reliable staffing and machinery for removing any barriers on your grounds. These blockages might be stopping you from carrying out jobs like:

    Under these circumstances, we offer our tree removal services. Similarly, we provide land clearing solutions at an affordable cost. As a result, you have a prepped site. It is therefore ready for any landscaping project you need.


    At Australian Construction, we provide free assessments. Because of this, we have a clear understanding of your entire project and budget. When you contact us, first, we send out a skilled land renovation professional. Second, they inspect your property and assist you in deciding what needs trimming or removal. It depends on what you want. Third, we work fast, efficiently and cost-efficiently.

    We will be happy to cater to all your land clearing requirements in Coffs Harbour!