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Darwin Land Clearing Contractor

Darwin Land Clearing Contractor

    Trees form a beautiful part of nature, which we all appreciate. However, they need appropriate attention and care all through their lives, to maintain their best form. Whether you want them newly planted or need removal, ensure that you entrust a trustworthy team from a land clearing contractor in Darwin.

    Australian Construction specialises in local residential works in churches, real estate agents, government departments and other local businesses. We have a team of qualified and experienced lumberjacks, and we have a real passion for the work we undertake.  No job is too small, big or complicated for us. 

    Our services

    Australian Construction is an established firm of highly qualified and trained staff who work professionally in all elements of tree works. We have various resources for carrying out all kinds of jobs, whatever the size. 

    We offer the following:

    • Qualified lumberjacks
    • Free quotes
    • WH&S Compliant
    • Domestic and Commercial work
    • Mobile sawmilling service
    • Full Insurance

    Tree Removal

    As trees age, they increase in size and width. You will later realise they are occupying too much space on your land. They may block out all the sunlight or cause the other plants nearby to die. To avoid these occurrences, removing the tree is essential. If you experience this, ensure you hire the ideal local tree surgeons from our professional firm.

    Small Tree Removal

    If you want us to remove a small tree from your land, our team can do it fast and efficiently. Wherever possible, we cut down the tree and split it up after it begins to fall. If it does not fall, our team cuts it into tinier pieces and carries out the work in reverse. However, no matter which one we choose, you are assured we will do the job correctly without you having to invest a lot of time.

    Large Tree Removal

    If you want us to remove a giant tree, we will handle it differently to ensure we can carry out a safe job each time for you and your structure. Our team scales the tree and cuts it into pieces. 

    First, we cut the heavy branches away and place them on the ground before cutting the trunk down in separate pieces. Doing this enables us to provide the most efficient work without any unwarranted risks.

    Sampling Relocation

    At times when you plant a young tree, you later discover it needs removal. However, since it would be distressing to waste a growing sampling, it is always advisable to replant it. Australian Construction team would be happy to help. We use our expert technicians to ensure that we protect the plant and find a new home to facilitate its strong growth.

    Hedge Removal

    If hedges are developing on your property and you want us to remove them, you can have peace of mind knowing we will effectively give you a solution.

    If you have hedges growing on your property and you would like to have these removed, you can bet we will be able to help. Our team efficiently handles any hedging work, like we handle all the other trees. Our skilled Australian Construction team trims your hedges carefully, ensuring that we do not damage any of the nearby lands. We return the soil to the best state we can.

    Tree Pruning and Trimming

    Trees expand and grow as time goes. However, the plant becomes overwhelmed, and it becomes necessary to prune or trim it regularly. However, these two services play a vital role in maintaining your tree. 

    Therefore, ensure that you engage an expert team of tree surgeons from Australian Construction who have the appropriate knowledge about the job. The good news is that you can always depend on our land clearing contractor in Darwin. Call us anytime you need tree trimming or tree pruning services for superior quality work.

    Tree Pruning

    We consider a tree pruning service essential for your trees to avoid them experiencing any health issues. For instance, the trees may become infested by pests, or swarm with fungi or start rotting in one part; all these factors slowly make the tree’s health disintegrate.

    To ensure this does not occur, tree pruning is a necessary service.  Our team efficiently handles this task for you by removing all the affected parts, ensuring that we only leave the healthy limbs behind. It enables the tree to recover and continue developing well for years.

    Tree Lopping and Tree Trimming

    When you engage our land clearing, contractor, to trim your tree regularly, it controls the tree’s growth. Our team cuts back the overgrown parts and shapes the canopy, enhancing the appearance. Doing this also guarantees healthier and more substantial growth the next season.

    For tree lopping or trimming, ensure you entrust our skilled team with this task to get an expertly executed job.

    Hedge Trimming

    Your hedges need as much maintenance as the trees. The main aim of hedging is to give your property’s perimeter a superior look that lacks if it overgrows. So, call our professional team who will visit your property and restore your hedges to the best condition. Australian Construction shapes your hedges depending on your choice, optimising their efficacy.

    Why choose a land clearing contractor in Darwin?

    When you require the ideal slashing and grass cutting in Darwin, the best company to pick is Australian Construction. We have been providing impeccable slashing services for years to ensure you get value for your money.  Our team’s outstanding skills and diverse knowledge ensures we offer comprehensive ground maintenance services like slashing, land clearing and grass cutting.

    In Darwin, we are the sector’s choice of slashing contractors and firebreak experts. We offer all kinds of land clearing services. A land clearing contractor in Darwin has a significant grass cutting fleet and provides a professional staff to deliver quality services.

    We offer complete ground maintenance services with diverse knowledge and excellent skills, including grass cutting and slashing and land clearing services that no one else can offer in Darwin. We are the industry preferred slashing contractors as well as firebreak professionals.

    We have a team of skilled slashing and land clearing contractors who can complete the task within the given time and offer services that exceed your expectations.


    Your garden may be full of shrubs and bushes, and their wild nature may become a hindrance when they overgrow. We advise you to hire our experts to trim the hedges for you once in a while. 

      Whenever you need assistance call us today and we will be pleased to provide our best shrub and bush trimming services!