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Geelong Land Clearing Contractor

Geelong Land Clearing Contractor

    Do you want comprehensive tree and land clearing for your business or home? In that case, Australian Construction is your go-to land clearing contractor in Geelong. We offer the best land clearing solutions for small scale projects. Additionally, we provide land clearing services for residential projects. Moreover, our prices are cost-effective.

    We are famous in Geelong for our land clearing services. Because of this, plumbing landscaping and construction firms depend on us. So we are proud to offer the quickest and most efficient services. We have a committed team of land clearing earthmovers and specialists. Furthermore, we have the ideal heavy machinery and equipment. Consequently, we deliver quality assured projects on time and within budget each time.

    Australian Construction is fully insured and licensed. Because of this, you can depend on us to follow the strictest safety protocols. Additionally, we adhere to top-quality government and industry standards. Therefore, for efficient land and tree clearing services in Geelong, call us now.

    Land clearing

    For any development project you want to undertake, you likely need land clearing. It is impossible to build a school or house under a giant tree. Likewise, you may want to use the land for agriculture. For example, you may wish to grow crops. Trees will suck significant amounts of nutrients from the soil. Because of this, your crops’ quality and development decrease.

    People need land clearing for the following reasons:

    • To facilitate urban development and construction, for instance, commercial and residential buildings, new estates or new roads.
    • Cattle grazing and different farm use.
    • Agriculture, that is, growing crops like wheat
    • To decrease bush fire risk. Given this, we remove big dry trees close to homes. It helps in reducing the danger of losing homes to a bush fire.

    Land levelling; it is impossible to level land full of trees.  Even a single big tree with significant roots makes levelling land difficult.

    Trees are a beautiful asset. So it is advisable to maintain them with frequent pruning and maintenance. But in some instances, it is not possible. Because of this, we are available to help with skilled experts. We also provide the right equipment. For any land clearing, needs call us now.

    Tree removal

    Our land clearing contractor in Geelong has experience in effective safe tree removal. In some instances, a tree needs cutting down. Under these circumstances, we have the expertise and equipment to remove it efficiently and safely. Using an extended rotating arm enables us to access all sections of your tree easily. These are very professional pieces of equipment. Because they have an elevated platform, tree lopping and removal is easy.

    We leave the site tidy and clean. Also, we make sure the surrounding environment has minimal damage. Additionally, after removing the tree stump, we fill the hole.

    Tree removal may be necessary when:

    • The trees and their roots cause a building’s structural damage. It includes businesses or residential homes.
    • The tree and roots have developed tremendously, and the property cannot handle it. Also, the owner cannot sustain continuous maintenance.
    • Storm-damaged trees or trees damaged by other natural disasters. They are risky to people around them.
    • Land clearing before any type of construction. For example, projects like major commercial projects and backyard renovations.
    • Old trees can fall, endangering nearby people and property.


    There are various more reasons you need tree removal. In light of this, our land clearing contractor in Geelong can help you. It is best for trained professionals like us to undertake tree cutting. The reason is you avoid risking your safety and health by attempting to cut it down without the appropriate experience or equipment. Australian Construction cares about the environment. Therefore, before we remove a tree, we offer tree pruning and maintenance. So we preserve your tree’s life and health.

    Please call us today for any of your land clearing solutions in Geelong.