Highly Trained Gold Coast Land Clearing Contractor

Gold Coast Land Clearing Contractor

Gold Coast Land Clearing Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we are specialists in trimming, safe removals and tree lopping of hazardous trees. We utilise professional and qualified tree loppers & arborists. We have a land clearing contractor in Gold Coast who also caters for bush and land clearance and stump grinding, rural dam building and excavation.

    Our professional and experienced arborists in the Gold Coast use various equipment when working on dangerous tree removal projects. They do this to ensure maximum safety. 

    Australian Construction delegates our resources depending on the size of every case’s job, complexity and urgency. Our expertise and capability to clear large parts of land in one day assure you of quick delivery of top-quality outcomes. Our values and principles are built on honesty and integrity, and we implement them every day. 

    Arborists Services 

    Australian Construction is a professional arborist on the Gold Coast, and our team facilitates your trees’ health. When a homeowner carries out visual inspections, it presents a beneficial practice for tree upkeep. A land clearing contractor in Gold Coast has licensed arborists who carry out inspections. These inspections should be carried out yearly or after two years. However, homeowners who review their trees often will detect any defects.

    To determine your tree’s health, check these four factors; leaf appearance, size, growth and quantity of new leaves. Also, check the tree’s unions and the branch’s appearance. If a drastic change has occurred in the earlier years, there is a possibility the tree is experiencing health problems. 

    Any tree can go through drought stress, and this especially applies to trees in the urban setting environmental elements. Tree integrity is necessary when any of these problems arise. Regular homeowner examinations are a wonderful method of recognising such issues early.

    If you recognise any unusual traits, do not worry; call the expert arborists at Australian Construction. We can provide solutions for your tree. If your tree has an issue or is dangerous, we are specialists in maintenance and tree care.

    Our AQF Level 5 Arborists can help you with tree management procedures and reports. The land clearing contractor in Gold Coast has a highly experienced and knowledgeable team of arborists. If you want top-level professionalism with optimal upkeep for your property, home, trees and property, get in touch with our team today.

    Tree Removal

    Trees are lovely, but at times their growth can cause a distraction in your home, making quality tree service essential. Australian Construction provides an exceptional tree removal service all over the Gold Coast. 

    Our qualified team has all the essential resources required to resolve any issue with the tree. When working on any tree removal, experienced experts from a land clearing contractor in Gold Coast visit the area and inspect every tree and give you the ideal results.

    Tree removal is not easy, which is the reason we advise people not to do it themselves. In many instances, when people try tree removal without expert help, serious harm and property loss has often happened. It occurred because they did not hire the services of a tree removal specialist or expert arborist.

    Correct analysis of numerous important factors is vital before removing a tree. A crucial factor is being in the tree’s landing zone! The area should be safe and secure before the project starts. Our entire staff adheres to all the essential safety regulations to deliver a safe and brilliant service. Our professional team is always ready to give you all the solutions for your tree. 

    The highly trained Australian Construction team is skilled and prepared to work on any tree project you need. We also provide a wonderful tree pruning service, and all comply with Australian Standards AS4373. All that is required to restore beauty and comfort to your residence is removing some branches. After removing a tree, we undertake stump grinding to finish the work. A land clearing contractor utilises top safety standards at affordable and competitive rates. Call us now for a free appraisal.

    24/7 Emergency & Storm Response

    Do you want an ideal Emergency Tree Response service on the Gold Coast?  We have a team of experts who are brilliant in emergency & storm response services when preparing and cleaning up the damage. We work carefully and efficiently, ensuring that we execute the ideal job to your satisfaction.

    We have provided top-quality tree services for years in the Gold Coast area, and we are qualified veterans, where emergencies and stormy weather is concerned. The reason is that we are specialists in handling difficult and dangerous trees. We know that the weather can be bad, and we are ready at all times to help our local communities become prepared and clean the mess up.

    Stump Grinding Services

    Australian Construction provides one of Gold Coast’s top services for stump grinding. Our objective is to provide stump removal and stump grinding of the highest quality at the most affordable costs. We appreciate how important it is to provide a custom solution tailored to suit every individual client’s requirements. Our technique of approach is to be affordable and offer top quality tree services all over the industry.

    We have highly trained tree surgeons and qualified arborists with years of experience. Australian Construction has specialists in removing stumps efficiently and safely, as well as grinding stumps, and we guarantee total customer satisfaction all the time!


    Australian Construction provides a total variety of tree-related services on the Gold coast. For instance, tree removal, tree lopping, arborists’ services, land clearing and emergency tree removal, etc. using the newest equipment and safety protocols. We ensure that our customers get top-quality artistry and service. 

    Tree maintenance and tree removal may be harmful to property, leading to damage. We are different from our competitors because we provide full insurance coverage for personal injury and property damage in case of an accident.

      When you choose us for all your tree services, you can have peace of mind knowing you have picked a land clearing contractor in Gold Coast you can rely on!