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Hervey Bay Land Clearing Contractor

Hervey Bay Land Clearing Contractor

    Australian Construction offers all types of land clearing. For example, we clear an entire block of land or selectively remove trees. Our land clearing contractor in Hervey Bay visits your premises and provides a free, no-obligation quote. Moreover, our services are affordable.

    We work with you and remove the required trees to facilitate development. Our expert team undertakes complete removal or felling; it includes mulching. 

    Palm removal and cleaning

    It can be challenging to remove palms. Palms look wonderful. However, they become too big. Consequently, they become messy and unwanted. Because of this, Australian Construction provides palm removal services. 

    We remove palms of all sizes. Unfortunately, pool areas have limited space. However, we have experienced climbers who climb the palms safely. Additionally, they piece them down hence preventing damage.

    The land clearing contractor in Hervey Bay carries out stump grinding and removes the palm entirely. As a result, you can recover your garden bed. In addition, we offer a fixed cost quotation for a standard palm cleaning service. There are many types of bamboo, cane and palm. 

    Regardless, we have a method of removing or cleaning them. Do you want to retain the palm but keep it tidy? Under these circumstances, we remove the seedpods and dead fronds. Also, we thin out the fronds to allow the light in. Where possible, our skilled team climbs palms without using spikes. As a result, we maintain their beauty. 

    Likewise, the land clearing contractor in Hervey Bay thins or removes golden cane clumps. Whatever your needs, we are happy to deliver. 

    Stump grinding    

    Do you need total tree removal? Or do you require the removal of a single stump? Notwithstanding, our experienced team removes any stump quickly. Furthermore, they handle areas with tight access. We offer stump-grinding services throughout Hervey Bay.

    There are several reasons for stump removal. First, a large tree stump can prevent you from undertaking earthworks. Second, it stops you from using your garden bed to its maximum. The land clearing contractor in Hervey Bay uses a stump grinder for stump removal. In light of this, we use the stump grinder for chipping away at the stump.

    Consequently, we remove the stump to about 150-200mm beneath ground level. It produces workable ground. The machine is tracked. Hence, it moves over rough ground. It is 900mm wide. Because of this, we can reach most areas.

    In addition, we have a tinier wheeled machine to access unusual areas. It includes accessing the bottom of steps or a pool area. Also, we use the stump grinder to remove golden cane stumps and palm stumps. Likewise, we can grind the visible roots of ancient stumps. They make it difficult for you to mow the lawn quickly.

    Construction Site Cleanup

    We have experienced and highly trained construction site cleaners. Therefore they have a great understanding of health and safety guidelines. But, more importantly, they follow these guidelines for working on a construction site. 

    Because of this, your employees, contractors and the public are safe. Our Australian Construction team offers the best construction cleanup service in Hervey Bay. Besides, we customise the services specifically to the building sector. Our land clearing contractor in Hervey Bay provides committed cleaning staff for all sized sites.

    Our comprehensive construction cleanup services include:

    • Managing all projects from beginning to end. Hence we ensure quality control
    • Stringent Health & Safety protocol
    • Highly trained and skilled cleaning teams


    At Australian Construction, we have experience in land clearing and tree removal services. Also, we provide these services for land development projects. Our services are available to projects of all sizes and scales. In addition, we follow a systematic procedure. Because of this, we ensure appropriate land clearing. 

    So contact us today for the best land clearing services in Hervey Bay!