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Hobart Land Clearing Contractor

Hobart Land Clearing Contractor

    Do you need land clearing in Hobart and nearby areas? In that case, call Australian Construction. Our skilled team will deliver a perfect job on time. Moreover, our land clearing contractor in Hobart clears your new home’s block of land. Also, we carry out land and tree clearing for your backyard’s landscaping.

    The land clearing contractor in Hobart specialises in land clearing services. We serve Hobart and the nearby areas. We have the equipment and experience to handle challenging jobs. For example, projects like narrow access and difficult-to-navigate land. Additionally, we work on steep slopes or uneven land levels. Land clearing involves the procedure of removing obstacles that prevent you from using your land. Examples of these obstacles are stumps, scrubs and trees.

    When is it necessary to clear land?

    • To remove fallen or dead stumps or trees.
    • When building a new home, sheds or dwelling on the land
    • Fence line clearing
    • Landscaping
    • New road construction
    • To form a fire break environment in your home and remove trees that may put your home at risk in case of a bush fire.

    Because of this, you avoid unnecessary delays and more costs. An Arborist report is part of the planning procedure. It ensures that when clearing the property, we consider the trees. Our experienced and qualified land clearing experts deliver land clearing projects of all sizes. Not only do we handle small residential jobs but also major site preparation. We recycle all waste into forest mulch.

    The land clearing contractor in Hobart assesses and reduces the negative environmental effects of its scheduled work activities. More importantly, we comply with the relevant environmental statutory requirements. We implement environmentally responsible methods. Similarly, we consider clients, employees and society environmental expectations.

    Tree pruning

    For tree pruning services, our expert team completes the job efficiently and on time. Our tree pruning services include:

    • Removing deadwood: We remove dying, dead or diseased limbs.
    • Crown reduction: Our team reduces the overall crown size. They do this by shortening the branches and reducing them to an appropriate growth point. We carry out crown reduction when a tree outgrows the area it is situated.
    • Crown thinning: Our expert team carries out selective branch removal. It enhances the structure and increases light entry. Also, it facilitates air movement via the crown. Proper thinning opens a tree’s foliage. It also decreases weight on bulky limbs, therefore retaining the tree’s natural form.
    • Crown lifting: We remove a tree’s lower limbs. Hence, we provide clearance for vehicles, buildings and pedestrians. Therefore, it enables clear sightlines.
    • Selective pruning: We remove particular branches that lead to issues over power lines, buildings, etc.

    Tree pruning

    Australian Construction is skilled in tree pruning. In light of this, we have the knowledge to carry out expert tree pruning services. We cut any species or size of trees at a cost-effective price. More importantly, our pruning follows Australian Standards. For this reason, the tree remains sound and healthy.

    Advantages of pruning

    • It enables suitable power line and building clearance
    • Enhances trees shape and appearance
    • Improves health and longevity
    • Encourages new growth
    • Improves the shape and appearance of trees
    • Removes dead, weak or diseased branches. They are dangerous to personnel and property.

    Site levelling

    Australian Construction offers professional site levelling. Also, our expert team services any sized home or construction project. We provide comprehensive services and clear your backyard or site and level it. Given this, we have offered reliable services in Hobart for years. Consequently, we have managed to create a wonderful reputation in this sector.


    At Australian Construction, we use proven methods. Therefore, we provide the outcomes you need. At the same time, we retain the tree’s structural integrity. Additionally, we reduce the risk. Are you worried about a specific tree? In that case, our skilled arborist will be delighted to undertake a free onsite analysis. They will then determine the best action you should take.

    Call us today for all your land clearing requirements in Hobart.