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Mackay Land Clearing Contractor

Mackay Land Clearing Contractor

    Australian Construction uses only superior equipment for land clearing. Because of this, we access all kinds of land. For instance, our land clearing contractor in Mackay handles high slopes and difficult to reach areas. Our machines are compact but robust. Therefore, we use them for mowing, slashing and mulching.

    We utilise these services for hillsides, private land and areas near dense traffic. For us, safety is a top priority. We have the experience, knowledge and equipment. Because of this, we ensure we work responsibly and safely.

    Land clearing reasons

    At times you have a piece of land you want to start using. Or you have just started a construction project. For this reason, you have to clear land for the base of the structures you are setting up. If you are a farmer, land clearing helps you to prepare the land. Here land preparation is done for crops. In light of this, we clear brush, rocks and trees. Besides, we smooth out big holes.

    However, for a homeowner land clearing aims at utilising previously unused land. It may have earlier been a forested or thick brush area.  Brush clearing and tree removal can be complex and time-consuming. Given this, you need heavy machinery operation. Avoid clearing the land yourself to save time and money.

    What land clearing entails

    The land clearing process involves removing stumps and trees. It also means removing stones and other barriers from an area. The purpose is for construction projects or land improvement. We clear the land for several purposes:

    Whatever your reasons you need to learn about some factors. For instance, you need to know the amount of labour you need. Therefore, read below to find out more about land clearing!

    Mulching, slashing, mowing

    Our land clearing contractor in Mackay helps with land clearing. We ensure we look after the surrounding environment properly. More importantly, we work with minimal disruption. We are professionals, and we appreciate these are crucial land clearing considerations. Our team looks after your property at all times. Moreover, they follow council regulations and approvals. In addition, our team uses various land clearing and vegetation solutions.

    The land clearing contractor in Mackay handles all jobs. For example, we work on small spaces and big acres of land. We use safe and powerful equipment. Because of this, we guarantee you fast clearing of overgrown vegetation, weeds and grass.

    Benefits of land clearing

    Expert land clearing provides various benefits. It helps your land to flourish and fight the invasion of harmful weeds. The healthy growth of plants reduces if they are competing to develop in one area. When we clear the land, the remaining vegetation gets optimal water, sun and nutrients. You may have land with a lot of plant material and vegetation. If left uncleared, this land poses a high fire risk especially because of Australia’s hot weather.

    In addition, land clearing maintains the soil’s healthy condition. The reason is this process distributes a layer of mulch above the soil. As a result, it prevents weeds from growing. Our team clears and maintains dense parts of the land. It minimises pests as well. So allow our skilled team to give you vegetation management and land clearing solutions.


    Australian Construction has the equipment and expertise to undertake all your land clearing requirements. Given this, we remove all stumps and trees.

    We have remote-controlled equipment. As a result, our expert team clears land and manages vegetation safely from a distance. Additionally, we are specialists in slope mowing to a maximum of 600 and mulch regrowth up to 4″ thick. When you work with us, you enjoy safety, professionalism and commitment. We want you to have a healthy land.

    Therefore, call us today for meticulous land clearing in Mackay!