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Melbourne Land Clearing Contractor

Melbourne Land Clearing Contractor

    Australian Construction has been providing tree pruning services to Melbourne for many years. Our skilled team of arborists is highly trained in recognising the parts of the trees that need pruning, and they do this efficiently.  Most of the time, you might not notice that some branches are dying and this is why you should hire our land clearing contractor in Melbourne to prune them back before they lead to an accident.

    We have a wide range of modern equipment and skilled personnel to remove understory, trees, bushes, shrubs, weeds, vines, tree stumps and roots. We clear vegetation in the land entirely or partially for:

    • Fire breaks
    • Fence Lines
    • Grubbing
    • New Road Constructions
    • Commercial/Housing Developments
    • Power lines.

    Advantages of Tree Pruning

    Big branches are dangerous to those nearby if they break or fall.

    Tree pruning helps to avoid fungus and diseases from developing from dead branches.

    The tree’s health is enhanced when they are pruned regularly.

    Pruning enhances flower and fruit production and makes your garden more beautiful.

    For any great arborist, it is crucial to understand your trees. Australian Construction is confident that our dedicated team of tree pruners will determine what is ideal for your yard and tree. 

    It is also an excellent idea to remember to prune your trees before spring comes. It gives your trees the chance to bask and grow during this development season. This factor is crucial for specific fruit trees that depend on particular seasons for their fruit to develop. We avail of our tree pruning services 24/7. We serve many businesses and homes in Melbourne and its nearby areas.

    Our Melbourne land clearing contractor has provided a stump removal service for many years. We provide expert stump removal works for businesses and residents in Melbourne and its nearby areas. At Australian Construction, we also advise companies and residents on what action to take to prevent any problematic issues that may occur during stump removal services.

    Our team’s expertise in removing stumps makes them knowledgeable about eliminating undesirable vegetation and its waste, and they can work on any job, whatever the size. We use the newest technology for grinding and stump removal to ensure that your building and the nearby areas are not disrupted.

    Why Stump Removal is vital

    • Stumps can present a big issue in upcoming garden projects.
    • Tree stumps sometimes entice pests and fungi, which can contaminate your other trees and plants.
    • Tree stumps lead to mishaps to your vehicles and children if undetected.
    • They are unsightly.
    • Most pests like termites thrive in tree stumps.

    Australian Construction aims to provide expert stump grinding services to all the businesses and residents in Melbourne using cost-effective prices. We are proud of all our projects and ensure that we eliminate undesirable plants effectively and thoroughly.

    Stump Grinding Benefits

    One benefit of utilising this stump grinding technique is it does not have chemicals and is environmentally friendly. You can use the mulch derived from the discarded tree waste in your garden, leading to decreased water consumption. It will also make your garden look elegant. 

    We are proud to know that we give you an effective and safe method of eliminating tree stumps in commercial and residential Melbourne properties. If you want an expert team that is passionate about customer service, the land clearing contractor we have in Melbourne is willing and ready to help you with what you require. 

    Our objective is to give expert grinding services to all Melbourne’s businesses and residents at affordable prices. We are proud of our work, and we ensure we get rid of undesirable plants effectively and thoroughly.

    Our tree removal team handles everything to do with trees and services in areas throughout Melbourne. We ensure that you are dealing with a superior quality tree removal firm that cares for you and your trees at a competitive price.

    Hedge Shaping and Trimming Services

    Hedge shaping and trimming presents a horticultural art form. Pruning or shaping a hedge efficiently takes years of experience, a lot of patience and attention to detail. There are some important considerations when beginning the yearly shaping and trimming.

    When should you shape or trim your hedge?

    It is best to trim most hedges immediately you come out of the Melbourne winter before the spring growth starts. Since most plants lie moderately dormant all through the colder months, decreasing their foliage at this period causes minimal stress. 

    If you have a deciduous hedge that sheds all its leaves in winter, hire the professional team at Australian Construction to shape it while the branches are bare, before the beginning of new flowers or leaf buds. 

    We can shape your hedge any time if it is evergreen, but you should know the quantity of foliage you remove; in summer it should be a maximum of 10% and in winter 30%.

    Shaping or trimming your hedge

    Regular shaping and trimming make young trees thrive. It encourages new growth and removes branches that may possibly develop to deadwood via the tree’s natural detoxification procedure. 

    When our expert team shapes your hedge, they always try to maintain the top’s tapering, facilitating sunlight for balanced photosynthesis at the bottom of the fence. 

    If you trim your hedges at the wrong period of the year it stresses the plant, hindering its growth and making it more prone to disease and infection. That is why Australian Construction trims all deciduous plants when their branches are bare.


    If you are a resident or business in Melbourne, Australian Construction services are ideal for you. These services are best for schools, residents, local companies and businesses. You should get the best services for your trees. Our tree removalists’ team has vast experience. 

    No tree is too little or too big for us to handle. Our top-notch machinery is designed to deal with various property and location types. Our tree removal services are accessible 24/7.  

    If lightning strikes or the trees become suddenly dangerous, you need someone to remove them immediately, and Australian Construction is here to help.