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Newcastle Land Clearing Contractor

Newcastle Land Clearing Contractor

    Pruning forms a crucial part of tree maintenance, and Australian Construction gives you the best pruning experience in Newcastle. Our land clearing contractor in Newcastle has a team of experts who have provided quality tree pruning for years. 

    We have vast knowledge in climbing and understand how trees develop and respond to specific types of tree pruning.

    Tree Maintenance

    Australian Construction recommends regular tree pruning every year to extract any damaged, diseased and dead tree wood. It avoids decay, organisms and insects from entering the tree. A fallen branch can fall and damage property or injure people. Yearly pruning allows our arborist to examine your tree from a mid-air angle. Suitable pruning processes form and maintain a strong tree structure.

    Safe claiming methods

    Our expert climber avoids wearing spikes when pruning your trees to avoid damaging your trees in the process. It facilitates the health and longevity of the tree.

    When should you prune your trees?

    Diseased, dead and damaged branches should be removed immediately because they can fall anytime and are dangerous. The best time to prune is early spring or late winter before the trees start opening their buds. Although trees can be pruned anytime, it is best to avoid extreme winter, cold and hot dry periods. Australian Construction prunes your trees annually, and we create a tree maintenance programme for your trees’ safety, health and longevity.

    Tree Felling

    To fell trees in a small area without damaging properties, please leave it to Australian Construction professionals. We have a trained crew in tree felling, and they have years of experience in Newcastle.

    Tree Removal

    We need advanced rigging and lowering methods for some tree removal because of small areas and proximity to garages, houses, power lines, service wires and pools. Our climbers have advanced experience and knowledge in removing some of Newcastle’s most dangerous trees, making us a leader in the land clearing sector.

    EWP & Crane Tree Removal

    It is safer to remove some trees with an EWP or a Crane, either because of the tree’s location or size or because it is dangerous to climb the tree. 

    Stump Grinding, Timber Removal, Mulching and the last clean up is part of our tree removal procedure in Newcastle, to chip the foliage and wood, remove any big logs from the area, grind stumps and eventually leave you with a clean and tidy property.  Australian Construction regularly maintains our equipment, and it suits all kinds of jobs.

    Stump Grinding

    Grinding stumps is a common technique for small-scale stump removal. We use a specialised machine to grind stumps, giving you an affordable method of extracting stumps from the soil. After our team finishes grinding, they use the chip to fill in the hole, ensuring there are no additional costs to pay for disposing of the stump and you do not need to purchase soil for filling in the hole.

    If you want to remove one stump or many stumps, our equipment will do the job efficiently. Our team handles all stump grinding using our machines. It means you do not have to work with extra subcontractors.  Australian Construction can remove a 600mm or more below surface level stump if required. 

    For us, no stump is too small or big for our machines. We carry out grinding in Newcastle and other areas like Maitland, Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens. 

    Removing Stumps

    If grinding is unsuitable for the circumstances, the land clearing contractor we have in Newcastle digs up stumps then moves them to an area of your choice or a landfill. It is a requirement when you need comprehensive earthworks or when you require construction on the site where the stumps are situated.  

    When you hire Australian Construction for your project, our team arranges the entire operation and you do not need to get more contractors to do the job.

    Root Pruning

    When your tree roots interfere with development or structure, it is essential to prune the roots back and establish root barriers to avoid damage to the structure. This job is delicate since roots give the trees anchorage. It is crucial to have experienced and qualified arborists like Australian Construction to undertake this project, ensuring the tree remains strong.

    House site clearing

    People are often surprised when they discover that their builder does not permit tree removal on their land. Australian Construction has the equipment and capability to carry out block clearing work at short notice. 

    Our qualified team takes less than one day to clear a building block and remove tree waste from the site. If you want us to clear a block to allow the start of construction, get in touch with us for a quote. We have cleared areas for houses throughout Newcastle and its surroundings.

    Subdivision Clearing

    Australian Construction has the required equipment to clear big sites for developments or subdivisions. A land clearing contractor in Newcastle has a forestry mulcher that accesses steep and challenging terrain to clear to prepare for development. Our advanced R3506T Forestry Mulcher is among the few available on the Australian East Coast. 

    Our team travels long distances to finish clearing work. We give you the documentation and expertise to reach high profile projects for civic and mining contractors and work under stringent WHS and environmental circumstances to attain brilliant outcomes on your project.

    Road Clearing and Easements

    Australian Construction clears for easements on private properties and government land. To clear firebreaks and easements quickly, we can use Terex R350 Forestry with Fecon mulcher and enter any area.

    Weed Spraying

    We are experienced in applying chemicals and can help you with weed control. Our team investigates, selects chemicals, applies methodology, and application then provides effective wood control solutions. Our experience enables us to apply chemicals, and we can help you with targeted weed control. 


    We aim to offer exceptional vegetation and tree management solutions to various clients while attaining top standard in quality, environmental and safety stewardship. Australian Construction team always works in a way that gains our clients’ trust and respect.

      We look forward to serving you today!