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Perth Land Clearing Contractor

Perth Land Clearing Contractor

    The Australian Construction team clears your land efficiently and mulch any vegetation using our specialised mulching machinery. We use the right kind of tools to save you money and time on unnecessary labour expenses. Many firms offer the same services, but none are dedicated to the commitment at hand like our land clearing contractor in Perth.

    Australian Construction has delivered land-clearing solutions to customers for many years. 

    Land clearing

    Australian Construction provides land clearing services for commercial and residential customers. We have the equipment and expertise to clear your land efficiently and safely from unwanted vegetation.  

    If you have land with unwanted vegetation you want to clear for buildings, we can help prepare the site, pruning vegetation, removing hedges, shrubs, debris and deadwood. We are experienced in machinery and equipment to do the work. Our expert team gives you excellent advice for any maintenance and removal of vegetation.

    Tree Maintenance

    For vacant property or land that needs maintenance, the land clearing contractor can maintain your vegetation periodically or regularly. Our expert services include pruning, trees removal, shrubs, hedges, debris, deadwood and vines. Call Australian Construction and allow our licensed arborist to visit your vegetation and assess it, giving you the suggestions you need for any land clearing for maintenance or building.

    Tree pruning 

    Tree pruning means pruning a tree selectively to create an all-around strong tree with form, structure and growth.  When you allow our arborist at Australian Construction to handle your tree by pruning, it ensures you get your tree’s excellent advice and treatment.

    Importance of pruning trees

    Safety:  At any time, a dead branch can break and endanger pets, vehicles, property, and power lines, and people. It is essential to remove dangerous limbs and maintain the trees’ safety to make the tree and its surrounding safe. The size of the tree and where it needs pruning is also dangerous at times. Therefore, allow the experts like our land clearing contractor in Perth to handle it. Our certified team will carry out your tree surgery requirements.

    Structure and growth:  Pruning a tree in a certain way can impact how the tree grows. When our qualified team prunes your tree, it grows in specific branches and limbs configuration, which is best for the tree structure. Maintaining the tree’s structure reduces the danger of falling branches and broken limbs.

    Tree Pruning Services

    An incorrectly pruned tree needs regular treatment, may become dangerous or diseased and affect the safety of the property, people and the tree. Australian Construction can meet all your tree surgery requirements and are dedicated to giving you perfect and friendly service from the initial communication to job completion. After we finish a project, we give you free suggestions on maintaining your hedges and trees.

    Hedge Shaping

    The Australian Construction team can shape your bushes, shrubs and hedges, giving you the look you want: garden barrier hedges or big property screening hedges. Whatever your needs, our qualified team uses the appropriate method and equipment to give a well-maintained appearance to the property that makes you proud.  Talk to us today, and we will be happy to avail of our certified arborist. They will visit your area, assess your shrubs, bushes and hedges and give you professional advice.

    Professional Hedge Shaping

    We are professionals in handling the training and shaping of trees, bushes and shrubs, creating the desired appearance. Our hedge shaping services have the following benefits:

    • Form exceptionally shaped hedges for garden access.
    • Shape for view or privacy.
    • Utilise hedge shaping to present a corporate garden design.
    • Save time and let the experts get the correct look and shape.

    We have many years of experience in shaping hedges, and you can trust us to turn your hedges into a feature and set up the look you desire, which makes you proud. 

    Vine pruning

    Leaf climbers, twining plants, root climbers, hook climbers and tendril bearers are creepers and vines in the garden. When maintenance is not carried out on creepers and vines, they can easily dominate the garden, leading to issues surrounding trees and plants. Australian Construction can maintain your vines using experienced pruning methods. They can also give you professional advice on removal, maintenance, vine fruit pruning, disease and infestations.

    Vine Training

    Training a vine means you choose the vine’s growth direction. Whether you wish to train the vine to grow over an archway or up a wall, our professional team can train vines to form different structures and shapes for any section of your lawn.

    Vine Pruning for a nice look

    Vines can produce a special appearance and add charm to your home. Ivy gives your fences, garden walls or sections of the house a unique look. Call our team today; they will be happy to give you expert advice on creating the look you want for your investment property or home.

    Vine Fruit Pruning

    Grapevine and passion fruit are famous in the Australian garden. Care and suitable pruning methods will help you get better fruit growth and fruit yielding for the period. If you do not take the appropriate care, pruning, and maintenance, issues like disease and infestations can become an issue, making the surrounding trees and plants go through plant stress. Our years of experience means that you can depend on us to give you what you need.

    Tree Lopping

    A land clearing contractor will provide the best suggestions for your tree if you need pruning or lopping services. Vast experience in all aspects of tree management enables our certified arborist to analyse your tree and give you the required advice expertly.

    Lopping Trees

    A tree experiences shocks and stress after lopping. Lopping a tree leaves wounds that in many instances fail to heal completely. It makes the tree susceptible to decay, disease and pests. When being lopped, the tree’s epicormic growth that develops around the wound is weak. 

    Therefore, as the branch grows bigger and heavier, it becomes weaker. It can fall and harm people or property. Choosing to cut back on expenses when hiring a land clearing contractor may eventually cost you more because:

    • Trees will necessitate frequent visits.
    • Inadequately pruned trees might never heal.
    • If the impact on the tree is bad, expert remedial treatment may take years and is costly.


    The Tree Lopping technique of tree pruning fails to conform to Australian Standards. We do not advise lopping for your tree; however, we understand that it is essential in some instances. Call our expert staff if you want us to assess your tree. 

      Our certified arborist will offer you the suggestions you require for the tree’s and the environment’s long-term health.