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Rockhampton Land Clearing Contractor

Rockhampton Land Clearing Contractor

    Australian Construction has vast experience in land and tree clearing. Moreover, we have worked for various commercial clients. Our land clearing contractor in Rockhampton clears land effectively and efficiently. Because of this, we facilitate major construction projects.

    In addition, we provide edge-of-road clearing and grinding. Besides, we offer vegetated land grubbing for any development work. We also provide expert land clearing services. Given this, we service all sized properties. Our expert team undertakes complete site preparation. These services are available for commercial, civil and residential properties.

    Fully equipped

    Australian Construction has a powerful fleet of equipment. For example, we have excavators, dozers and trucks. Because of this, we seamlessly pick the most affordable option. Therefore, we efficiently clear large areas of vegetation. Do you want to clear land in a large area of land or a single area? Under these circumstances, we have you covered!

    Our land clearing contractor in Rockhampton provides land clearing for:

    • Civil development
    • Farming and agriculture
    • Landscaping
    • Commercial development
    • Residential development

    Our land clearing services

    Land clearing involves targeted extraction of specific vegetation and brush. Also, it entails removing stones, trees, brushes and other barriers.  In Australia, this practice is common for commercial and residential practices. It is the ideal way of clearing small trees and brush.

    At Australian Construction, we mainly undertake land clearing to prepare for construction work. However, in the agriculture industry, this procedure is famous. When we utilise land clearing in agriculture, it facilitates cultivation. Additionally, it provides vineyards and grazing pastures. Because of this, we apply land clearing in different projects.

    Mostly the land clearing contractor in Rockhampton carries out land clearing before excavation and levelling activities. It depends on the type of procedure. It is crucial to check your local regulations and laws concerning Australian land clearing. The reason is there exists a wide range of limitations and restrictions that might come up at times.


    During the mulching process, we break down the garden. We also break down land clearing waste. For instance, we break down waste like hay, wood, plant matter and leaves.  We use mulching machines such as chippers. Mulching returns nutrients and organic materials to the soil.

    Because of this, mulching is popular.  Likewise, it is an efficient and effective process that creates ‘mulch’ as a production item. We use mulch in different residential and commercial applications. However, we mainly apply it as a top coating on the surface soil. Doing this conserves soil moisture and prevents erosion. Additionally, it prohibits weed development and improves soil health and fertility.

    Various kinds of land clearing equipment

    Mulchers and chippers are machines created to break down land clearing waste. This waste includes plant and wood matter. You eventually utilise it for reuse as mulch. We also use it as a part of the disposal process. They are termed chippers, mulchers or shredders. We also refer to them as wood shredders, shredder mulchers or wood chippers.


    Hydromulching has mainly known as hydroseeding. Australian Construction provides this effective and fast service. In light of this, we use it for dust control and high shear areas. Furthermore, we use it for land revegetation. In hydro mulching, our land clearing contractor in Rockhampton uses a planting procedure that uses specialised mulch.

    Mainly it consists of a blend of fibre mulch, fertiliser, water, seed and a binding agent. However, this recipe differs with various suppliers. Usually, we spray this product. We use it for erosion control, landfill cover and slope retention. Moreover, we utilise it for odour and dust control, stormwater management and stockpile cover.


    Our experienced team at Australian Construction handles all kinds of projects. For example, they undertake complex site preparation. Moreover, they also take care of residential blocks land clearing and land rehabilitation. You might be farming, landscaping or developing for construction. Regardless, we can offer expert earthmoving and excavation solutions to accommodate you.

    Talk to us today about our exceptional land clearing services!