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Sunshine Coast Land Clearing Contractor

Sunshine Coast Land Clearing Contractor

    Australian Construction provides land clearing services for people who want to build a new home. These are individuals who want to set up a home on land full of trees. Additionally, the land might be full of undesirable plants like thorns, bushes and vines. Furthermore, our land clearing contractor on the Sunshine Coast assists developers and investors to get newly acquired land ready for major building works.

    Given this, we eliminate any vegetation or trees that might obstruct the construction.  Besides we help in tree removal to facilitate more expansion. Similarly, we remove vegetation and trees that are dangerous. We also provide our services to homeowners who wish to expand their outdoor yards or living spaces. The aim is to build new amenities like a swimming pool or different structures.

    Don’t allow trees to block your path!

    Many times a tree or big limb falls suddenly. As a result, it causes damage and blocks a road or driveway. When it happens it is crucial to remove the tree or branch safely and quickly. A tree or big branch’s weight needs specialist equipment to remove it. Special techniques are essential as well. Because of this our team at Australian Construction provides the skills and equipment to handle this for you.

    Expert block clearing to avoid more damage

    A blocked road leads to serious traffic congestion. Likewise, a blocked driveway is inconvenient. Not only is a fallen tree inconvenient but also leads to more accidents. Sadly, situations like these can cause risky or fatal accidents. For this reason, our team arrives on time and works fast and expertly to clear the block. Therefore, call our land clearing contractor on the Sunshine Coast today. We will then reduce the possibility of such occurrences.

    Strong storms and other serious conditions uproot trees. Consequently, branches and trees fall on roads, cars and buildings. You cannot always prevent this. However, there are steps you can take to reduce the chances of it happening on your property. So call us today for expert advice and help.

    In light of this, our team assesses the health of the trees around your property. Damaged and diseased trees are more likely to fall. They cause damage and block paths and roads. Given this, they need handling. We offer the suggestions and services you require for maintaining the health of the nearby trees.

    Tree removal

    The land clearing contractor on the Sunshine Coast specialises in tree removal and tree felling. Undoubtedly experts like us should undertake this job. Our qualifications make us a reliable company. We not only handle simple tree removal but also complex tree removal.

    For the latter, we use rigging equipment and ropes. More importantly, Australian Construction is highly experienced. We are also professionally equipped and hence we remove your trees carefully. Our company has skilled tree surgeons. Moreover, they use technologically advanced tools and methods. These methods and techniques are also safe.

    Our team is passionate, experienced and knowledgeable. Given this, they use the newest tools and methods. Consequently, we work effectively and efficiently. Additionally, our tree surgeon team works hard at all times. Also, we minimise the effect of our work on the nearby surrounding.

    Avoid 24/7 emergency services

    Already dead trees are more likely to fall during harsh weather conditions. For example, they fall during high winds. Because of this, clients with potentially dangerous trees need preventative action. It is necessary to remove them before a storm occurs. Talk to our skilled team now for expert advice.


    Australian Construction provides first-class services. We are specialised in land clearing. Our team is also skilled in mulching and grinding work. We offer superior work and have friendly customer care. Because of this, we are popular in the industry.

    Talk to us today and discover how our team can help you in your future project.