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Sydney Land Clearing Contractor

Sydney Land Clearing Contractor

    At Australian Construction, our arborists utilise the newest equipment and techniques to ensure that your work is handled to the highest standards and follows all regulations. It guarantees you the ideal services from our land clearing contractor in Sydney.  Before removing trees, our skilled team ensures that they check the guidelines within your council before starting. 

    There are significant fines for extracting trees without council consent. Australian Construction is familiar with the Sydney council requirements, and we suggest to you what tree job is permitted in your council and the work that needs council permission.

    When tree removal is essential

    Tree removal is necessary for various reasons when:

    • The tree is too large.
    • The tree is dead
    • The tree is harmful
    • The tree is faulty
    • The tree is infested with pests and disease.
    • The tree is destroying buildings and driveways.
    • The tree needs to be extracted for construction or development.

    Why seek a professional land clearing contractor in Sydney?

    You may be tempted to do it yourself, but you may not have the essential safety equipment and necessary tools and might be endangering yourself and your property. Tree removal entails a risky job and needs trained professionals like Australian Construction. Our company has many years of experience and all the necessary equipment to take care of any tree removal work. 

    We have brilliant relationships with many local councils, and we belong to the Tree Contractors Association and Arboriculture Australia. We are committed to giving our clients lasting solutions for tree pruning services. The Australian Construction work crews respect your gardens and property and ensure they take care of them as they work.

    Our skilled team meets you personally to talk about your tree removal work, discuss your needs and answer all your questions. We explain our work procedure and give you a fixed price quote and our insurance certificates. Our team delivers the work as per our initial agreement.

    The land clearing contractor in Sydney avoids taking shortcuts with any project. Our team does not compromise where safety issues are concerned. Doing this guarantees you a quality tree removal service and also gives you total satisfaction with the results.

    Australian Construction Services

    Apart from tree removal, many firms also provide services like tree lopping, stump grinding and tree trimming. Any work involving tree removal or tree pruning should be done according to AS4373-2007. The standard gives guidelines on permissible pruning techniques to ensure the proper pruning of your trees. A reputable tree service like Australian Construction adheres to these regulations.

    When a tree is well maintained and cared for, it remains structurally healthy and develops into a tree that makes your property more valuable. Allow our land clearing contractor to prune your trees to maintain their lovely look for years.

    Tree pruning might be essential for various reasons, and you need to ensure it is carried out safely and correctly. Australian Construction uses the newest techniques, equipment and tools with our entire tree pruning services. Depending on your needs, we will give you the most affordable solution.

    • Pruning for light
    • Pruning to enhance safety
    • Pruning to extract dead branches
    • Selective pruning of limbs or branches
    • Pruning to a thin canopy

    Like all our projects, we respect your property, and our team efficiently tidies up after completion, leaving everything tidy and neat. Contact our Sydney based land clearing contractor today and have your unwanted stumps removed.

    Importance of Tree Pruning

    Whether your reason concerns safety or different reasons, our skilled staff will help to prune your trees’ branches correctly. The trees may be in your gardens or yard that companies own. 

    Poor or incorrect tree pruning can destroy your tree permanently and spoil the tree’s integrity or beauty. Healthy and well-maintained trees will withstand harsh weather when Mother Nature tests the trees. Where the trees are in high use or overhanging in buildings, it is crucial to check your trees and prune them if necessary. Australian Construction carries out preventative maintenance and regular inspections to ensure your trees give you years of hassle-free enjoyment.

    Stump removal

    Tree stump removal is many times termed stump grinding.  Our team uses a machine called a stump grinder to grind the stump and big roots into wood shavings. We use these machines to cut through the soil and stump to ensure we remove the stump well underneath the ground level during this process.

    Reasons for Stump Grinding

    Below are some reasons why you may wish to have us remove your stump:

    • Stump is ugly.
    • There are termites in the stump.
    • You wish to replant, but the stump is a hindrance.
    • You want to landscape the surrounding.
    • Stump might pose a barrier to a pool excavation or planned development.
    • Roots are damaging structures or lifting.
    • The stump is a trip threat.

    Tree Mulching

    Australian Construction Services provides efficient tree mulching to either accompany our tree trimming or tree removal services. 

    Our team also carries it out as a different service to help you eliminate your property’s deadwood.

    After our efficient contractors remove and trim a tree, they mulch all the cut trunk discs or cut branches, totally clearing the surrounding. It leaves you with useful tree mulch. If you wish to cut down your brush or tree and lack the time or resources to get rid of the brush, a land clearing contractor in Sydney provides an hourly brush chipping service.

    Our chip truck/brush chipper combination ensures that any tree limbs or brush you want to get rid of are collected and removed promptly by our team.


    Stumps are available in all sizes and situated in different areas. So, Australian Construction has a variety of machines to match this. We have smaller machines for areas that are difficult to reach and adequate access for larger stumps.

    Services like water, gas and phone may be underneath the stump, and you should take steps to avoid damage during stump grinding. We use a pipe location service if unsure, making sure that our team knows the services’ precise location and avoid them. 

    Our tree removers utilise the ideal equipment and techniques to eliminate old roots and stumps.

      Using the Australian Construction land clearing services ensures you have no reason to complain!