Highly Experienced Land Clearing Contractor In Toowoomba

Toowoomba Land Clearing Contractor

Toowoomba Land Clearing Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we are specialists in land clearing. Moreover, we have competitive prices and provide comprehensive land clearing. Also, our land clearing contractor in Toowoomba serves civil, residential and commercial projects. Do you want to clear a big plot of land to facilitate construction and development? Or do you wish to clear a residential block for landscaping? Notwithstanding, we can assist. Besides, we handle a whole scrub acreage or one tree.

    Our expert team clears obstacles that hinder development. For instance, they clear barriers like trees, stumps and concrete blocks. Despite the property size, we clear the ground. Hence we ensure it is ready for new infrastructure or construction. However, we do not disturb vegetation or plants you want to retain.

    Our services

    The land clearing contractor in Toowoomba provides services to Construction companies. Additionally, we clear land for construction firms, clear fields and carry out site preparations. We are specialists in preparing sites for shopping centres and schools. Besides, we specialise in other civil building and commercial constructions.

    In addition, Australian Construction offers 24-hour emergency services. Moreover, we work with insurance firms frequently. Given this, we restore functionality and safety to properties that have been exposed to severe water damage. We have a fleet of well-maintained machinery and equipment. Because of this, we undertake land clearing and site preparation projects efficiently.

    Mulching and chipping

    The land clearing contractor in Toowoomba is skilled in mulching. Because of this, we can turn unwanted trees and old stumps into mulch. You can use this mulch to protect and beautify your garden. Also, we can remove mulch from your premises if you do not need it. Consequently, you can recycle it elsewhere.

    Mulching is necessary to maintain a lovely and vibrant landscape with healthy plants. Regular mulching has many benefits. For example, it provides a water-saving solution.  Because of this, the plants remain moist because mulching helps in water retention. Comparatively, areas with mulch present more resistance to weed growth, drought and pest attacks than non-mulched areas. Therefore, mulching prevents pesticides exposure. More importantly, it saves money, time and works.

    Mulching works as soil insulation. It protects trees and plants from damage caused by harsh cold and heat. Mulch breaks down gradually over a certain period. As a result, it adds nutrients to the soil. It also works as a barrier between a whipper snipper and lawnmower, plants and trees. So, it prevents any possible damage from blades. You may need mulch but do not have any stumps or trees for grinding. Under these circumstances, we deliver mulch in bulk or small amounts using our tipper truck.

    Pruning services

    Our land clearing contractor in Toowoomba undertakes professional pruning. Because of this, we extend your trees’ health and life. Pruning presents a healthy restoration for trees and other plants which are not developing well. We trim away damaged stagnant and dangerous plants parts. As a result, it increases their health and beauty.

    Pruning is necessary when:

    • Height reduction is essential
    • Shaping is necessary for design or style purposes
    • Disease or storms have destroyed the foliage
    • Growth is dense, and therefore, it hampers development. For this reason, thinning is needed. It facilitates the circulation of air providing oxygen for growth.


    At Australian Construction, we guarantee you will get professional services and advice about all our services. You have peace of mind because our staff is experienced, professional and qualified. We listen to your requirements and carry out the work ensuring it fully complies with industry standards. Our personnel are qualified, and we use the right equipment. We remove bushes, weeds, vines and roots. In addition, we remove tree stumps and shrubs.

    Call us today for the ideal land clearing services in Toowoomba!