Comprehensive Townsville Land Clearing Contractor

Townsville Land Clearing Contractor

Townsville Land Clearing Contractor

    Australian Construction has significant knowledge on each element of land clearing, from start to finish. We need to prepare your site for infrastructure if you require land for a public function or clean your home yard. Whatever your needs, our land clearing contractor in Townsville is available to help. 

    Our expert team’s art and science training in planting the trees, looking after them, and maintenance makes us stand out from other land clearing firms. We have trained technicians who keep updated regularly on the latest technology. 

    They deal with the heavy machinery needed for clearing significant areas of land. Australian Construction is proud of its cost-effective services.  Our team has years of experience in land clearing and can deliver any clearing you need.

    Tree Pruning and Maintenance Services

    Canopy Lifting: Trees whose branches and leaves grow at the bottom look untidy. It affects the property’s appearance and value. Our team trims the tree’s base and lifts the canopy when carrying out canopy lifting to improve its look.

    Shaping the Canopy: Trimming all the tree’s sides is essential when shaping the canopy to enhance its look.

    Crown Trimming:  If your tree’s height is interfering with the power lines, trimming the top is helpful. Our professionals climb the tree and systematically cut the top.

    Pruning for Maintenance:  Most trees need yearly pruning before a particular season starts, and the type of tree determines it. The tree’s health and growth improves when the tree is pruned. Your yard remains clean when we prune the tree, and if it has excessive dry and dead branches that make your yard look untidy, it is useful to prune for dead branches. The Australian Construction team handles such branches without any problem.

    Hire Tree Services Experts 

    Trying to prune trees on your own may lead you to hurt yourself, the tree or your property. Pruning trees need the handling of heavy and sharp equipment that can cause serious injuries. Avoid putting yourself in this danger by hiring our Townsville land clearing contractor. We ensure that we give you expert services at an affordable cost. 

    Our skilled team handles overgrown branches destroying your property, and overhang branches damaged by storms; we also prune branches hanging over your swimming pool, etc.

    Land Clearance

    Why you need land clearance

    You may need to clear land for aesthetic purposes. Summer leads to heavy bush growth and undergrowth in your field or yard, making the ground look untidy. Growth like this can also offer a home to snakes and other kinds of animals. Our skilled team clears your yard and gives it a more organised look. Land clearance may be necessary for firebreak purposes. 

    Fire can move from one area to another by burning tree after tree. When we clear a land section, it creates a type of firebreak that stops the fire from spreading. A land clearing contractor mainly clears the land to repurpose wooded land for infrastructure. When preparing the building areas, our team cleans up the ground before starting the work. Land clearing may be for constructing a new hospital, school or another building; land may require clearance and no one does it better than us!

    We get rid of deadwood from storm damage or tree removal. Australian Construction moves our entire machinery to the site and works on all the essential tasks, for instance, changing the deadwood into mulch. We clear wooded land for road development. For a road that needs to pass through a heavily wooded area, it may require strategic land clearance. 

    We care for the environment.

    Even though Australian Construction is a tree removal firm, we are conscious of the environment. We have a team of professional arborists who give us suggestions on reducing the damage to trees. Our team only removes trees when very necessary. We also participate in tree plantation and contribute money to tree planting ventures. 

    A land clearing contractor in Townsville takes care to avoid hurting a tree that does not need to be removed during the land clearing procedure. We ensure that you have obtained all the necessary clearances from the relevant local authority or council before clearing any land. We ensure we do not remove rare plant species.

    Cleaning Palm trees

    Palm trees should be cleaned often. Palm trees’ leaves die naturally, and the leaves might fall and harm someone. Our committed team provides services like shaving the trunk and removing these leaves. The palm tree remains in excellent shape through regular maintenance. 

    They look good all the time, and the surrounding area looks lovely. We ensure our cleaning method does not damage the palm tree. The palm tree can experience permanent damage if it is washed inappropriately. Inexperienced people cannot efficiently clean palm trees. This task requires specialised climbers from the land clearing contractor in Townsville who are qualified and skilled in palm tree climbing.

    Reasons for removing palm trees

    Like any tree, palm trees can also present many dangers, and it may be necessary to remove them. The palm tree’s roots may be destroying the pipelines, disturbing the power lines or your home’s foundation. The palm tree may be dead, and it can fall at any time, making it hazardous to the nearby structure.  

    Palm trees can make your yard dirty, and you should replace it with a different tree or plant if you intend to landscape.  Palm tree fruits pose a danger to people, and if they are located in an area with heavy human traffic, it would be best for you to remove the palm tree to avoid any accidents.


    We are professional planners, and our team at Australian Construction plans the entire procedure. We discuss the whole process with you so you can approve it. We provide comprehensive solutions, not just tree removal. 

    Our team expertly provides services like stump grinding, making chips or mulch from the truck and sections of the removed palm tree. We carry the waste to spare you the hassle of dealing with it. Our skilled arborist visits your site and gives you a free quote for cutting your palm tree.

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