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Wollongong Land Clearing Contractor

Wollongong Land Clearing Contractor

    Australian Construction provides exceptional cleanup services. We are specialists in rubbish removal and also clean up your yard. Our land clearing contractor in Wollongong gives your garden a full overhaul. Because of this, your outdoor space becomes unrecognisable!

    Our expert team gets rid of unwanted and overgrown plants. Furthermore, we offer weeding services. We also undertake tree removal, trimming and pruning. Additionally, we provide lawn maintenance, hedging and more. Given this, we work with you to give you the ideal solution for your overgrown property. Our team aims to give you the best garden. As a result, they always deliver.

    Our services

    The Australian Construction provides a more manageable design and remove excess debris. Moreover, we remove unwanted plants. As a result, your garden looks exactly as you want it. We clean up your garden perfectly. Moreover, if you wish we can enhance it by adding more features. Therefore, we use pebbles, mulch and crushed granite and install new garden edging as well as planting services. Do not let your garden become messy. Instead, allow our land clearing contractor in Wollongong to change it into a neat and manageable space. So call us today if you need these services.

    Why choose Australian Construction?

    We offer a grounds maintenance service. Because of this, your business premises look their best. Our company has top standards and a qualified team. Due to this, we offer landscaping and grounds maintenance solutions to major businesses in various sectors. Your premises may consist of large sloping lawns. Or perhaps you have small manicured gardens. Notwithstanding we help in maintaining the grounds regularly. For this reason, we ensure you have a lush and healthy garden.

    We promise your satisfaction because we are dedicated to providing only top quality services. More importantly, we offer cost-effective solutions. Australian Construction is fully equipped. Not only do we have comprehensive equipment but also an outstanding team. Moreover, we have ideal tools and products. Our team listens carefully to your requirements and ideas. Because of this, we ensure you have functional premises that meet your needs. Furthermore, we deliver on budget and on time. We also complete the work safely. So, call us to book your next meeting!

    Grounds maintenance

    First impressions are important. Attracting new customers or clients may depend on the services you offer.  Additionally, it is determined by how attractive your business premises’ garden is. We offer commercial grounds maintenance services. Our team provides well-manicured grounds and lovely gardens. Given this, we help you in creating the best impression with potential customers.

    Our skilled team is equipped and services the entire Wollongong region. They also maintain complex commercial gardens and grounds. We offer services like:

    • Lawn mowing
    • Weed control
    • Garden maintenance
    • Mulching
    • Pressure cleaning
    • Garden care
    • Driveway and walkway cleaning

    Our qualified team is committed to ensuring they maintain a healthy and beautiful garden. To achieve this, they visit your premises regularly. Alternatively, they can provide a one-time garden maintenance solution that is equally productive. We have qualified horticulturalists who handle every appointment.

    Therefore, they ensure ideal outcomes for gardens and parks. In addition, we make sure we complete all jobs safely. Moreover, we comply with all Work & Safety Regulations. Consequently, we offer a safe and healthy working area for all contractors, staff and the public. You can rely on our land clearing contractor in Wollongong for the ideal results for your gardens and grounds.

    Our grounds maintenance services include:

    • Pressure cleaning
    • Weed control
    • Debris & waste removal
    • Mulching
    • Clean driveways/walkways
    • Mowing lawns and maintenance
    • Grounds management
    • Slashing/ride-on/all size properties and more


    Australian Construction has vast experience in providing ideal land clearing services. We have highly trained gardeners, landscapers and horticulturists.

    In light of this, we offer affordable landscaping, garden makeovers and grounds maintenance solutions. These solutions suit any budget and do not compromise on quality.

    We look forward to hearing from you today so call us now!