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The Awesome Benefits Of Professional Landscaping In Adelaide

    Even if you love gardening & landscaping, you have other things that require your attention, such as your job, career, family and much more. It makes it hard for you to be available all the time to tend to your garden or lawn.

    But, our garden needs significant amounts of care so that it can grow and produce beautiful and healthy plants. However, our demanding  schedules usually distract our attention away from the important aspects of garden care.  This is the reason it would be best for you to seek professional help from a landscaping contractor in Adelaide.

    When you work with landscaping services like Australian Construction, you maintain a clean lawn and your garden looks as attractive as ever. Outdoor features make your home more valuable; so, you must make sure that they look great throughout. 

    If your schedule is usually tight, delegate your landscaping tasks to a professional like us. Our able team will ensure that your lawn and garden look excellent at all times.

    When you hire our professional landscaping contractor in Adelaide, you benefit in the following ways:

    1.  Caring for your Garden & Lawn professionally

    When you hire landscaping services from Australian Construction, it gives you the pleasure of working with a team of professional gardeners who have significant knowledge and experience in growing plants. Using their services gives you the guarantee that your garden is in great hands.

    These people possess optimal landscaping knowledge, giving you the peace of mind and expertise you deserve. The professionals at our firm are gardening and landscaping experts. For instance, soil care, plants knowledge, the ideal position for your garden, your garden’s appearance, and many more.

    2.  Ideal landscaping ideas

    Gardening goes hand-in-hand with landscaping because this factor determines whether we have done a wonderful job in gardening tasks. Our landscaping contractor consists of expert gardeners, who are well conversant with the newest landscaping designs in Adelaide. Our expert team can change your garden and lawn, making it a striking outdoor feature.

    When you give them your personal preferences, they invest a lot of effort in incorporating it to the best of their ability.  So, using our landscaping contractor means you have the assurance that your lawn’s landscape will become enhanced and lovelier.

    Trending paving design patterns in Adelaide

    In Adelaide, there are four popular paving pattern designs:

    1.  Stack Bond

    2.  Basket Weave

    3.  Herringbone

    4.  Stretcher Bond or Brick Bond

    Ideas for Paths’ paving design

    Paving designs for walkways or footpaths are different. If these pavers are just subject to foot traffic, the paving pattern choice depends solely on personal choice. ‘Stretcher bond’ or ‘Stack Bond’ designs are mainly used for paths that create a straight line. It restricts or eliminates the need to cut the pavers to accommodate the width.

    Paving design below a verandah

    When you select paving designs underneath a verandah, think of the area’s size and the kind of traffic or weight that the verandah pavers will be exposed to. Most people like the ‘stretcher bond’ design for verandahs. It mainly applies to small spaces, while ‘herringbone’ and ‘basket weave’ is preferred for bigger spaces. The reason is their interlocking pattern can withstand more motion from wheels rotating on them than a ‘stack bond’ laid paving pattern.

    A driveway’s paving design

    A driveway’s paving patterns need interlocking pavers for a lasting effect. Australian Construction considers the weight because even if trucks do not drive over them regularly, delivery trucks can damage them if their weight is not considered.

    We use ‘Basket weave’ and ‘herringbone’ at Australian Construction for driveway pavers of 50-60mm thickness. We choose these patterns because they are stronger and are a favourite for driveway paving designs.

    The appearance of a ‘basket weave’ design is breathtaking; it also applies to ‘herringbone,’ which involves using two hues. If you want ‘stretcher bond’ or ‘stack bond’ paving designs, our expert team uses a line of edge pavers set on a cement base to prevent the rotating wheels of a heavy car from moving the pavers.

    A pool’s paving design

    For a pool, Australian Construction uses paving pattern designs that generally combine pavers. We lay them using a ‘herringbone’ or a ‘stretcher bond’ pattern for bigger areas. We can use the slate in a ‘crazy pattern’ design if you want.

    Details about Laying Pavers

    Preparation is paramount when laying pavers. We are proud of ourselves because of the attention to detail we give this task, to appropriately prepare the base where we will lay your pavers. Depending on the ground underneath, we remove 100mm of earth and replace it with quarry sand. We then compact it to offer a sturdy level ground where we lay the pavers.

    Because of climatic change, with time, particularly with heavy clay soils all pavers move. Therefore, we avail a professional landscaping contractor who ensures that they lay the pavers with a small space between them in. It prevents the paver edges from fragmenting.

    Australian Construction mainly uses washed sand to fill the space between the pavers. It ensures that space can be easily re-filled using more sand when the sand comes out after you wash your pavers.

    Our team often uses a mortar mix; we colour it to complement the paver colour you choose. The mortar in the middle of the joints offers a steady joint. It helps to make the pavers stable. However, it might crack if a load is placed on it or if the pavers shift, making it harder to repair.

    We use Pave-Lok, which creates a strong interlocking joint and is flexible. It does not wash out easily, stops the growth of weeds and is easily replaceable like the sand, if necessary.


    Australian Construction is certified as a landscaping contractor in Adelaide, and our services are popular with commercial businesses and home-owners. The reason is that we have a comprehensive, paving portfolio.

    Visit our website today to access our complete list of gardening services and benefits. Call our hotline to hire our professional gardening services.

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