Outstanding Commercial And Residential Landscaping Contractor Ballarat


    Australian Construction proudly creates outdoor areas. Our expert team also enhances these outdoor spaces. For years, we have expanded our offerings and services. Because of this, our landscaping contractor in Ballarat meets the rising need for lifestyle areas. We cater to families and the educational areas. Therefore, they enjoy their outdoors!

    Our team is close-knit. Also, we are made up of knowledgeable people. We have skilled landscapers and dedicated apprentices. Because of our vast experience, we deliver successfully. Our team strives to impress our customers with professionalism. Our landscaping contractor offers superior quality. We also use great attention to detail.

    Landscaping design & construction

    We specialise in all landscaping design. We also handle construction. The landscaping contractor in Ballarat provides complete landscaping solutions. Furthermore, we offer personal packages. We design them for your requirements.  Our services extend to different commercial and residential projects. 

    Besides, we provide specialised work in the government sector. We also serve the education sector. Despite your budget or size, all our services are flexible. Additionally, we offer highly customised services. Outdoor projects need quality materials. Also, it is essential to have experienced individuals. After all, this ensures top-quality outcomes.

    Australian Construction presents different solutions and skills. We use expertise from the first consultation. Our team also applies these skills from the construction stage to completion. Our team assures you of honest communication. Moreover, we give you efficient work routines. Similarly, we offer you superior quality results all the time.

    The landscaping contractor in Ballarat overcomes problems. We use attention to detail coupled with professionalism. We eliminate the complication of dealing with many contractors. Australian Construction has comprehensive services. We ensure quality, consistency and customisation at every stage.

    We offer the following solutions:

    • Site excavation
    • Project design

    Soft landscaping

    • Decorative finishes
    • Irrigation systems
    • Mulching and maintenance
    • Planting and gardens
    • Instant turf solutions

    Hard landscaping

    At Australian Construction we are specialists in educational areas. We also have the expertise to handle play areas: our team designs and constructs creative areas for children of all ages and abilities. For instance, we offer educational areas and play spaces. 

    Unique and fun areas need a creative mindset. Additionally, a skilled team and professional attitude is essential. Do you want creativity, safety and fun throughout? In that case, our qualified team can construct the play area of your dreams.

    Our landscaping contractor in Ballarat avails different playing and educational areas. For example, we offer natural gardens. We design them to inspire and nurture. For this reason, we provide fun game spaces and sporting courts. 

    Australian Construction integrates education and childcare services with other landscaping solutions. Again, we design packages that match your specific needs. Superior quality educational and play areas need the correct people and materials.  

    Because of this, we provide a safe and professional outcome. More important, you should deal with a skilled team. For this reason, we know how to get good results. The landscaping contractor in Ballarat inspires play and learning using outdoor space design creativity.

    We offer these solutions:

    • Inspiring and nurturing area design
    • Soft fall rubber
    • Mega slam basketball systems
    • Natural and nurturing area design and more


    We are passionate about enabling you to enjoy different outdoor activities throughout the year. For example, we handle community projects and outdoor living.

    At Australian Construction, we have the reputation of a top landscaping provider. Our team conquers challenges. Therefore, we offer creative and consistent solutions. Moreover, we use attention to detail and professionalism.

    Call our dedicated team today, and we will offer services that exceed your expectations!