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Choosing The Ideal Landscaping Contractor In Brisbane

    When looking for an expert landscaping contractor in Brisbane, you need to consider some factors. Our professional landscapers at Australian Construction prefer viewing the area you need to be landscaped, to provide a correct estimate. For bigger projects, we carry out a thorough analysis of the present situation and discuss with you about your budget and requirements.

    Landscapers are experienced in many areas like paving, decking, lighting, water features, irrigation systems, building pergolas and many more.  It would, therefore, be best for you to have accurate information and find out how experienced the landscaper is. 

    Do you need a gardener or landscaper? 

    If you wish to redesign or design your garden, you need a landscaping expert like Australian Construction. Our gardening experts can maintain your garden or restore life to it by concentrating on plant life. Our prices are the best and our landscaping contractor in Brisbane ensures that your lawn looks excellent by providing the appropriate mowing services. 

    The work of a professional landscaper

    • Paving or laying decking.
    • Sloping or levelling gardens.
    • Establishing lighting (LED lights, lamp posts).
    • Removing sheds.
    • Fixing a garden irrigation system.
    • Adding a pergola or trellis.
    • Trimming or removing hedge.
    • Laying new turf. 

    Finding the best landscaper 

    You will be investing a lot of cash in a project so it would be best for you to choose a qualified landscaping contractor to deliver what you require. Whether your property is residential or commercial, you need the assurance that the firm you hire like Australian Construction will give you the lovely yard you want and deliver your money’s worth. 

    Signs of a skilled landscaper or garden designer 

    If our landscaping contractor in Brisbane has the following qualities, it means they will deliver a fantastic job: 

    1.  Firstly, a professional landscape design firm like Australian Construction will offer you a great variety of mediums and designs in its portfolio. We have worked with hardscape elements, ponds, and all kinds of plants and rocks. Our skilled landscapers create beautiful and unique areas for our clients. Choose a firm like Australian Construction, whose portfolio is extremely diverse. 

    2.  An efficient design firm like ours works jointly with its client to deliver the exact requirements. You will possibly have an idea of what you want our landscaping contractor in Brisbane to do for your property.  

    Our excellent team invests valuable time to talk about these concepts with you. We put ourselves in your shoes and imagine what vision you have in mind for your grounds. Our experts then advise you about your idea’s practicality, and whether it’s attainable or not.

    If your idea needs refining, we offer a similar solution that will give you the same experience and effect. We are ready for an interview with you so that you can find out whether we meet this quality. When you give our designers your ideas, they offer suggestions, enabling you to make informed decisions. 

    3.  Our skilled landscaping contractor sets up designs that you can maintain easily. They use plants with minimal maintenance needs, decorative designs that last and other products, which assist in sustaining your property’s beauty. When interviewing various design firms, ask many questions about the plans they give you. The maintenance will be your responsibility. Therefore, ensure that the final plan you select is one that you can care for without much difficulty. 

    A quality firm like Australian Construction offers genuine and verifiable references. If you have a major project, we are ready to give you references upon request.

    Apart from studying the pictures we present, showing previous project,  we advise you to feel free to drive near properties similar to ones we have designed previously and check the landscape design that we delivered. It will give you the real picture of how the design will look after some months of growth and non-professional maintenance.  

    Consider your home’s design.  

    The style of your landscape should match your home’s design and your personality when planning your landscape. Australian Construction is proud to offer you various landscape designs, giving you many wonderful options to pick for your garden: 

    • Formal:  For this style, we use many straight lines and perfect geometrical forms. We arrange the plants in an orderly manner, rather than positioning them randomly. Our experts use pruning and close arrangement on a lot of landscaped gardens using this style. 
    • Informal: This type of landscaping is compatible with homes that have a cosy feel to them. This landscape style suits beds, whose edges are curved, rather than straight lines and placing plants randomly. 
    • English Garden: We use this style to highlight the home’s garden and architecture. 
    • Informal/Formal Garden: This style mainly entails a brick walkway that gives a formal appearance.  We use a circle of plants for this walkway, which goes to the back. Our experts arrange the plants to replicate the English garden design; which has no formal borders. 
    • Oriental: Many times, this type of garden is found in residences with tiny backyards. For this style, we use water, evergreens and rocks. We also use a wide range of plants, setting up several angles. 
    • Woodland: If our residence has a wooded backyard and a slanting terrain, we suggest this landscaping design. 

    Importance of choosing the right landscaping contractor in Brisbane 

    You may find it challenging and overwhelming to choose a landscaping company. However, remember that making the right decision will benefit you today and in the future, if you decide to sell your property. So, choosing wisely is beneficial.  

    When you ask the appropriate questions, get design plans and quotes, and make informed choices, you acquire the correct plan and a designer like Australian Construction, who can deliver your requirements effortlessly. 

    Planning permit for landscaping tasks 

    The landscaping contractor we have in Brisbane will know all the suitable building permits you need and secure them. If you are not certain, it would be best for you to talk to your local council and obtain a definite response on the required permits. 


    If you choose a professional landscaper like Australian Construction, you will soon be enjoying the yard you have always dreamed of, or welcome your clients to a wonderfully landscaped property.